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What's Up Nails Holographic Powder and Easter Nail Stencils

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Hey there!  A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by What's Up Nails asking if I wanted to check out some of their products.  Since I've been drooling over their stuff for awhile, I jumped at the opportunity.  So last week when I got a package of goodies, I started playing with them right away and I definitely wasn't disappointed.  Because Easter is approaching, I thought the Easter nail stencils would be a good first product to show.  I paired one of the stencils with the holographic powder available from What's Up Nails so I'll show you that first.

Holographic Powder

$38.75 USD
1 gram

The holographic powder comes in a small jar, approximately half full, sealed with a bit of tape to keep it from leaking (a small detail that I really appreciate after having received leaking glitters from other stores).  It's a 20 um holo which results in a very smooth linear holographic effect.  

I applied the powder over 1 coat of Madam Glam Perfect Black topped with Bio Seaweed Gel no wipe top coat.  I rubbed it in with an eyeshadow applicator, as I'm sure you've seen done in countless videos already.  The first thing that wow'ed me with this powder was how opaque it is.  I barely used any powder but it covers the black easily.  I tried it over a couple other colors as well but it's so opaque that the base color didn't really show through.  The first photo here is in my light box which barely ever shows any holo rainbows but, even in the light box, you can see the rainbows.

What's Up Nails Holographic Powder
light box

But when you see it in direct light (artificial light in this photo) the rainbows are BRILLIANT!  It looks almost like a smooth chrome but with color.

What's Up Nails Holographic Powder
direct artificial light

I made sure to wear these on a day when sun was predicted and check out the holo outside.  I was honestly floored.  I have a lot of holographic silver polishes but none compare to this.

What's Up Nails Holographic Powder

$3.75 USD
12 stencils

Over the holographic powder, I thought I could make some silver-y Easter nails with the egg nail vinyls.  The vinyls are 22 x 28 mm so they should fit almost everybody.  Since this is the first stencil I'm reviewing for What's Up, this is the first time I'm telling you just how amazing these vinyls are.  I've used vinyls from quite a few companies and have always been pretty happy with them but I pretty consistently have to weed out some of the insides (I'm sorry that I don't know the proper terms in the world of stencils).  But, even though these egg stencils have a ton of little pieces, almost every one of them stayed stuck to the paper on the first try.  I was so happy!

I applied the stencils over the holographic base and applied Moonflower Polish in Turquessa, Violeta and Rosa with a sponge and topped with KBShimmer Cleary On Top.  

What's Up Nails Egg Stencils

What's Up Nails Egg Stencils

$3.75 USD each
20 stencil each

For my last mani I used two different sets of stencils, the Easter and the bunny stencils.  Each of these have 20 stencils on the sheet with 5 different sizes.  The Easter stencils range from 5-6 x 16-20 mm.  The bunny stencils range from 6-7 x 8-10 mm.  Again, they were really easy to use and none of the insides stuck.  Their wide, skinny design makes them simple to place but, if you're someone who likes to sponge on top their stencils, this design might be tricky for you.  

What's Up Nails Easter and Bunny Stencils

For these I did a water marble with pipe dream polish Take It Easy, Chillax, Positive Vibes and Keep Calm.  For the stencils I first quickly applied white and then Cirque Hatch.

What's Up Nails Easter and Bunny Stencils

What's Up Nails Easter and Bunny Stencils

Overall, I was really impressed with What's Up Nails quality with both the holographic powder and their vinyls.  I'll repeat it again, these were the easiest vinyls I've ever used.  I've played with some of their other products already and they've created some of my favourite looks in ages.  Honestly, I've been wearing my current mani for over 48 hours already and I never want to take it off!  

Available at What's Up Nails

'Til next time...

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