Friday, 14 April 2017

Delush Polish No Vacancy Trio

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Hey there!  Today I have an upcoming trio from Delush Polish, the No Vacancy Trio.  These gorgeous polishes are based on the TV show Bates Motel.  In this trio, there's even Delush Polish's debut with thermal polishes (and it just happens to be one of the easiest thermals I've ever tried).  There's also a shifty holographic and a metallic shimmer.  I hadn’t personally watched it but if there’s one thing I’ve learned to trust, it’s other polish addicts TV show obsessions.  So I turned it on on Netflix and started swatching.  It’s always better to really understand where a polish maker’s inspiration is coming from right?  It’s not just a TV addiction…it’s research!  

Two Of A Kind

"The best of both worlds, a thermal Delushie featuring fierce copper color shifting flakies, with a base that morphs from a dusty purple into a peachy tan that proves it’s always good to have a partner in crime!"

I'm so impressed with this thermal.  It changed color easily, not just in hot and cold water.  This is how the polish wore naturally on me (so you can see exactly how much free edge I have right now).  I used three coats plus top coat here.  I was afraid it would be sheer in the warm state but two probably would've been just fine.  

You can really see the flakies in the macro.  That's where most of the color comes from in the warm state.  

Delush Polish is such an honest company they even include a disclaimer for the thermal polish.  This is true of all thermals, not just theirs:

"Thermal polishes typically have a shelf life of approximately 6-12 months. The thermal pigment will retain the color changing effects longer if the bottle is stored in a cook, dark and dry place. After several months the pigment breaks down and the overall effect will be less dramatic."

warm state
cool state

Full Psycho

"A smokey captivating grey linear holo, infused with holo flakies and a killer blood red color shift that’s sure to lure you in to the madness."

This is such a unique color.  If I hadn't read the description, I'm not sure how I would have classified it.  Personally I see it more as a scattered holo than linear.  And the color - the red is clear when looking at it straight on but check out the edges here.  You can see a grey-beige duochrome effect.  This is two coats plus top coat.  

Since my light box certainly isn't great at showing off holos, here in a photo in direct light.  The holo particles are large so there's a ton of rainbows.  Also, in direct light, the red is even more apparent.  

direct light

Mother Knows Best

"A mysterious deep teal blue, gilded with duo chrome gold shimmer that’s sure to make mother proud.

This is a dusty, dark teal with a gold shimmer.  It's actually a shade or two darker than my camera would photograph it.  It's very metallic but the shimmer masks any brushstrokes there are in real life. This is two coats plus top coat.  

These polishes will be available tomorrow (Saturday, April 15th, 2017) at 12 pm EST so set your alarms.  Now I'm going to back to watching Bates Motel.  I have a feeling I know how the rest of my weekend will be spent...

$9.75 USD each
$28 USD for all 3
Available from Delush Polish

'Til next time...

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