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UberChic Beauty Unicorn Love, Texture-Licious 2 and a brand new Uber Mat

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Hey there!  To finish off the work week I thought I'd share some of the latest releases from my stamping crush, UberChic Beauty.  2 weeks ago they released a two new collections, a Unicorn Love single plate, a new Texture-Licious mini plate and a brand new Uber Mat!  That's a massive release!  Unfortunately, I received them the same weekend as my veggie slicing incident so my review has been a bit delayed.  But I will tell you that I was so excited to play with them though that these were, in fact, the first manis I did after trying to cut my thumb in half.  So, finally, I'm sharing my thoughts on everything except for the collections.  I currently wearing my first collection 16 mani so hopefully my review of the collection will be coming soon.

This new version of the Uber Mat has some similarities with the original and lots of new features.  This silicone mat is still the same size (16 x 12 inches) but there's now clear and black spots for making decals.  The dark ones are really handy anytime you're stamping in anything other than black.  There's also now dark regions for testing and a neat "freehand cheat sheet" so you could make freehand lettering or images into decals.  The lettering is 7 mm high.  And if you need to know how big your nails are (or stamping images) there's also a handy ruler along the bottom edge.

Unicorn Love is the latest single plate from UberChic Beauty.  It's their standard size (9.5 x 14.5 cm) and so on trend these days!  There's unicorns of all shapes and sizes and lots of other images that fit with the whimiscal unicorn theme.  I love the layered rainbow image that is at the bottom of the plate.  That's going to be useful in future rainbow manis.  

When I said there's unicorns of all shapes, I meant it.  There's even adorable chubby unicorns that I just had to use.  Some of us magical creatures just aren't so slim!  I used the chubby unicorn images and text to make some decals on the new Uber Mat.  The base was Celestial Cosmetics Rainbows & Unicorns Unite (I couldn't resist using a name-appropriate color).  I stamped the stars with Mundo de Unas White and the decals with Mundo de Unas Black which I then filled with the 2016 Pretty Serious Pet Names collection polishes.  Since the text was a bit large for my nails I used the Luxe Stamper to shrink the image.  At first the decals wouldn't pull up as easily as I was used to so I gave the mat a wash with some dish soap and wiped it down with acetone and tried again.  That's just a hint for anyone else that might have issues with silicone mats.  That and use a thicker layer of clear polish as your base.  

My love of negative space images told em I had to do a rainbow unicorn mani.  I did something similar with these Beyond The Nail jelly holographics years ago but it seemed right to repeat the look for these unicorns.  Since these polishes are jellies I just painted them half-and-half on my nail, layering them a bit in the middle.  The polishes I used are Beyond The Nail Nebula, Asteroid, Comet, Shooting Star, Solar Flare and Supernova.  Most of them are still available here.  I stamped that easy rainbow gradient with Mundo de Unas Black and topped with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.  

My last unicorn mani was another one made with Uber Mat decals.  Unfortunately, because I used a plain creme base, more of the air bubbles show up in the photos.  Here I used Cirque Colors Storm King and Love Stone (and a white polish- presumable Mundo de Unas White).  

The Texture-Licious plates are probably my favourite mini plates that UberChic makes.  They're perfect for double (or more) stamping.  The mini plates measure 6 x 12 cm but their images are the same quality and size as on the larger plates (17 x 21 mm).

For my first mani I did quadruple stamping.  That sounds extensive but it was so fast.  I used a white base and then stamped with the streak from the bottle right corner with Hit The Bottle Sparkling Cyan-ide, Psycho Pink and Let's Go To The Peach and the swirls with Mundo de Unas Black.  I'm really loving these Hit The Bottle polishes lately.  I'm definitely going to need to pick up more.  

Next I did some gradient stamping from white to black over 3 coats of Picture Polish Oasis.  Since these lines aren't meant to be straight, it's okay if you get some wiggles in your stamping (as I tend to).  

Lastly, I did some double stamping with Moonflower Polish Dia and Mundo de Unas Aqua over OPI Got The Blues for Red.  I keep seeing color combinations like this in the background or clothing on TV so I've been meaning to use it on my nails.  I like it so I might start using in combination more often!  

Wow, thanks for sticking around through this long post.  I hope you like some of my designs as much as I like the plates.  I do love a company with consistent quality and UberChic Beauty is just that.  The images pick up and transfer easily and come in such lovely designs that I'm sure I'll be a fan forever.  

$14.99/Unicorn Love plate
$7.99/Texture-Licious plate
$13.99/Uber Mat
Available at UberChic Beauty

'Til next time...

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