Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Christmas Nails

Hey there!  Happy New Year everybody!  I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's Eve and that 2014 turns out to be the best year yet!  Honestly so far my 2014 hasn't started great...I woke up this morning after my evening of nail polish and Doctor Who (I'm so cool) to find that some jerkhead had, likely in their partying hijinks, decided to massively dent the trunk of my car.  Not like someone had backed into it, more like the Incredible Hulk had punched the top of it.  Grrrr!!!  Hopefully that's me getting my bad luck out of the way for the year.

My New Year's resolution is to become a better blogger.  I'm still new in these parts, having just started in September, but I'm loving the nail polish community.  Some of these ladies are just soooo nice (I'm looking at you Julie and Jayne) so I'd like to become even more involved and to do that I need to pay more attention to my little corner of the internet.

The nails I've decided to share today aren't particularly beautiful and they're definitely not well executed but they were very special to me.  This is what I wore over Christmas this year.

The reason this is what I wore on Christmas and the reason they're special is because my Nana, who I was incredibly close to, passed away this past Easter so this was our first Christmas without her.  She was such a fantastic lady and she always kept the entire family in homemade knitted goods.  One year I had asked her for a pair of black mittens and, while she did make me some, she never stopped cursing me out for them.  And now that I've crocheted with black yarn I don't blame her one bit.  So I will always cherish my black mittens.

For these I started with two coats of Wet n Wild Undercover because, to me, this is a dusty rose color and dusty rose will always make me think of Nan.  And then I did some stamping with Konad Black and Bundle Monster BM-H03.

I think it's pretty clear I had some issues stamping with this plate.  I had the same issues with a different image from it so I think I might have to retire this plate.  But I'm grateful it allowed me to make my own mitten nail art for Nan.

There you have it.  I'd like to end with a picture of my family including my favourite old lady from last Christmas.  With all our knitted goods.  

'Til next time...

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