Thursday, January 2, 2014

Glam Polish Swatches & Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  You may notice my fancy new "Press Sample" button and disclosure policy.  That is because Sisi from Color4Nails was kind enough to send me some Glam Polish samples to review.  I cannot tell you how excited I am about it.  Not because it is free nail polish but because I have been a Color4Nails since I got into nail polish and their customer service is fantastic so this is a big honor for me.  Thank you Sisi!

Glam Polish is an indie brand out of Australia that I had not tried before receiving these.  And, no word of a lie, as soon as I swatched these I started shopping for more.  Fantastic formula, great coverage.  With the exception of Glimmer, all of these pictures are two coats plus Rica Glossy Glam top coat.  

I want to start with my surprise favorite.  Tinker Bell, from the Pixie Hollow collection, is a lime green with a strong silver shimmer.  I say it's a "surprise" favorite because I'm not a huge fan of green polishes but this one is an exception, even if it doesn't play nice with my skin tone.  It's bright and cheery without being neon.  It suits its name perfectly.  I can't wait to get some fairy stamping images to go along with Tinker Bell.

Second up is Vidia, also from the Pixie Hollow collection.  Like Tinker Bell, it has a strong silver shimmer but this one is a purple/fuschia shade.  Random fact: in Disney, Vidia is the name of Tinker Bell's rival.  Who knew?

Conjuring comes from the Cast A Spell collection.  It's described as a "dark forest green scattered holographic base packed full of holographic glitter".  Personally, I didn't really pick up on the holographic nature of the glitter, at least not in a color-changing way, but it is definitely packed with glitter (micro and small hex) but didn't dry gritty like some glitters do.

Tempestarii is a dark purple also from the Cast A Spell collection.  Unlike Conjuring, the holographic nature of this polish is strong with a lot of blue and pink able to be seen.  This one did dry more like the typical glitter with top coat being necessary to get a nice shine.  

Lastly we have Glimmer.  While the rest of the Pixie Hollow collection is composed of bright colours with a strong shimmer, Glimmer is a iridescent glitter topper.  Here I have one coat of Glimmer over Tempestarii.  It's glitter overload!

The thing I love about iridescent glitter is that it looks completely different depending on what you layer it over.  So I decided to layer it over white (Pure Ice Superstar!), pink (Picture Polish Fairy Floss), blue (A England Galahad) and black (OPI Black Onyx).  

As you can see, it's nearly invisible over white but gives it an ethereal look.  Over pink, it creates a girly, fairy-feeling look.  Over blue, it reminds me of a crystal blue sea and over black it really pops and you can see the color.  

Like I mentioned, I hadn't tried Glam Polish before but I will now.  I particularly like the shimmers from the Pixie Hollow collection.  There a whole spectrum of colours available in that collection so I think I might need to buy a couple more of them.  

If you're interested in Glam Polish, it is available directly or through various international stockists but if you're in North America and concerned with shipping time Color4Nails is currently the only North American stockist Glam Polish is working with.  

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