Thursday, 9 January 2014

Celestial Cosmetics Review & Swatches

Hey there!  Today I have three awesome polishes from Celestial Cosmetics, another Australian indie brand, to share with you.  Here's a sneak peak.  Click "Read More" to see them in all their glory.

The first (and my favorite) polish I want to show you is Chrome Amaranth.  This one is exclusive to  Color4Nails.  It's super unique to my collection, having a silver foil finish with multi-size red glitters.  This was the most sheer of the bunch.  I'm showing 3 coats plus one coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.  Even with top coat it still has a slightly textured look that I found kind of neat but it was smooth to the touch.  

The second polish is named Blitzen's Budgie Smuggler which made me immediately google what on earth a budgie smuggler is.  In case you're curious, "budgie smuggler" is Australian slang for a men's Speedo-style bathing suit.  Hilarious!  BBS is a deep (but not too dark) purple linear holo.  This is two coats plus top coat.  I tested it and the top coat didn't dull the holo at all.  Even without direct light, the holo effect is still strong.  The first two pictures are in my light box (indirect light) and the third and fourth pictures are in direct light.  

The final polish is named Reaper Crew.  Reaper Crew is an awesome black linear holo.  It does appear to lean blue in the pictures (presumably because of the holo sparkle) but it looked more black in real life.  I love this one because I find most black holographic polishes tend to look a bit grey but not this one!  As above this is 2 coats plus top coat with the first two pictures being taken in my light box (indirect light) and the third and fourth pictures in direct light.  

Overall, I can't say anything bad about Celestial Cosmetics.  Great formula, great colors.  I'm really liking the collaboration between Celestial and Color4Nails.  This is also the collaboration that brought us The Seven Kingdoms Collection.  I picked up a couple of those when they were released and showed one of them (Mother of Dragons) here.  

Celestial Cosmetics is available from Color4Nails.

'Til next time...