Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunday Stamping - Happy New Year 2014

Hey there!  This week's Adventures in Stamping theme is Happy New Year 2014!  I can't believe the new year is right around the corner!  Here's what I came up with to celebrate this theme.

I started with two coats of OPI Black Onyx and then added fireworks to all my nails except my ring finger using a firework image from Bundle Monster's BM-H14 and Sally Hansen Color Quick in green, purple, red and turquoise chrome.  

For the "2014" I created decals from Bundle Monster's BM-311 using Essie Penny Talk.  Luckily the numbers I needed were all at the edge!  And then I screwed it all up by not pushing my decals down enough and making a bubbly mess.  I also really should have placed my numbers starting at the tip.  Arghhhh!  

I added a city skyline on my middle finger using Konad White and Bundle Monster BM-414.

And, just for fun, I added some champagne glasses (which I think are supposed to be for a wedding theme) from Bundle Monster BM-H22.

Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen fireworks on New Year's Eve in person even though Edmonton does put on a midnight firework show.  I prefer to stay indoors because it's usually too darn cold here to want to spend New Year's outside.  But I LOVE fireworks so I went with them for this theme.  I still don't know what I'll be doing this New Year's Eve so I'd love to hear what you guys have planned.

'Til next time...

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