Tuesday, 7 January 2014

WHAM! BANG! POW! BOOM! Stamping Decals

Nothing to Disclose

Hey there!  I meant to post these yesterday because they pretty much explain how I felt about going back to work about the almost two week Christmas break.  You would think that after two weeks of doing not a whole heck of a lot I'd be bored and happy to go back to work but nope!  And I actually like my job!  I just really enjoyed my time off.

Anyways, here are some stamping decals I made using the MoYou London Rebel -03 plate over the break.  I tried making them three separate times before I finally made them work.  And then when I applied them I got bubbles galore but they were too cute to not post.

I'm loving stamping decals these days and in theory these were easy enough to do but, as I soon learned, stamping decals with words are a different story because you end up with a mirror image when you make decals.  So I turned to the internet and found Waki Laki's Mirror Image Stamping Tutorial to make these decals.  Because I was making the decals directly on the stamper, I used two squishy stampers (the decals are easier to remove from a squishy stamper than a regular one).

For my second attempt I had just used colours that were too dark.  Rookie mistake.  Finally I used colors that worked.  In case you're curious, I filled in the words using acrylic paint.  Gotta love the opacity of acrylic paint!

And finally, because they fit with the comic theme, I put three lightning bolt stamping decals on my thumb.

So what do you think?  Was it worth the hassle of doing these so many times?  Does anyone know any tricks to avoid the air bubbles when putting on decals?

'Til next time...

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