Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Renaissance Angel Stamping

Nothing to Disclose

Hey there!  Tonight I wanted to share a manicure I did awhile ago and never got around to showing.  This is Girly Bits Eggnogaholic and some MoYou London Artist -10 stamping.

I actually wore Eggnogaholic a couple times within a few weeks which is rare when you buy as much nail polish as I do (my poor wallet).  But it's just so pretty I couldn't resist it!  The Girly Bits website describes it as "a soft winter white with just the right amount of gold glitter" and while I'm not entirely sure what a "winter white" is this is definitely a not-quite-white jelly with the perfect amount of glitter.  It is pretty sheer so I wore it as three or four coats plus top coat.

The second time I wore it I added some stamping using the angels from MoYou London Artist -10 and a border from MoYou London Pro -02 using Revlon Dominate.  The Artist -10 stamping was the first time I tried using one of MoYou London's full plate images.  It's actually not as intimidating as it looks.

Then, for fun, I mattified it with Essie Matte About You to make it look even more antique.

I was trying to achieve a soft, romantic look here but I'm scared the angel stamping turned out a little creepy.  Either way, I liked it and learned that Eggnogaholic is definitely a great colour if you're going for a soft subtle nail polish.  Looks like it's sold out right now which is a shame because I think I need a second bottle...

'Til next time...

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