Monday, 22 July 2019

Hit The Bottle Chrome Sweet Chrome Stamping Polish Swatches

Press  Sample

Hey there!  I'm back today with more stuff I've been waiting to post.  Hit The Bottle released a collection of pastel metallic stamping polish this year called "Chrome Sweet Chrome" and they are superb!  I received them to review from one of Hit The Bottle's distributors, Beautometry, who just so happens to be having a preorder on all of the out-of-stock shades going right now.  Usually I find that when a polish is chrome, it's always really silvery and loses its color but Michelle has managed to get that metallic finish without losing any of the vibrance.  Aren't they lovely?

Here I've swatched them all at two coats on the outer nails and stamped over black and white using the KN1 stamping plate and topped with glossy top coat.  Photos were taken in a light box with artificial 5K lighting.

metallic pink

metallic bronze-pink 

metallic slightly green-leaning yellow

metallic lime green

metallic teal

metallic icy blue

metallic purple

In addition to the Chrome Sweet Chrome collection, you can get the entire Hit The Bottle line at Beautometry.  I have a giant blog post here that looked at all of them to the date it was posted which might help you decide.  But if you're looking for lighter metallic shades, the Chrome Sweet Chrome colors are the way to go!  

$8 USD each
Available at Beautometry

'Til next time...

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