Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Danglefoot Polish Guardian of the Galaxy Collection

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Hey there!  I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday.  Edmonton has decided that it's winter again so I woke up to a ton of snow and cold.  And what better way to avoid that than by staying at work and blogging instead of going home?  Today I have some gorgeous polishes from Danglefoot Polish to share with you.  I first tried this UK-based 5-free indie brand in a My Mani Box and immediately fell in love and pre-ordered part of the Children's Books collection from Beautometry (a USA stockist with great shipping rates to Canada).  They arrived last week along with the brand new Guardian of the Galaxy polishes.  I was so excited to try them that I put one of them on almost immediately...and then wore it for 2 full days!  I should note that I don't have the complete collection but I do have 5 of the 7 to show you and I loved them all.  I'm even wearing another one of them today!

Normally I'm boring and just go in alphabetical order with my swatches but today I wanted to start with my favourite.  There are three microflake polishes in the Guardian of the Galaxy collection and they were too gorgeous to wait for.  The other two are beautiful as well but these microflakes are STUNNING!  


This is a white microflake polish with an incredible green-turquoise-pink shift.  It's like unicorn nails in a bottle.  Trust me when I say this is a must-have.  I don't have anything else similar in my collection and my photos do not do it justice in the slightest.  I even re-swatched it after wearing it since I knew my photos didn't capture just how captivating and reflective it is.  These new photos still don't catch all the shifts in this polish.  It's really incredible.  

For my swatches I used 3 coats plus top coat.  There is a bit of brushstrokes but nothing that is noticeable in real life.  

I believe it was originally designed as a topper but was then reformulated to have increased opacity on its own but I still wanted to see how it would look over a blue base.  This is one coat over Esmaltes da Kelly Hipopo.  It goes from being unicorn nails into instant mermaid nails.  And now I'm realizing I might have a strange love of mythical creatures...

Nebula is a close second in race for my favourite from this collection.  It has a purple base and is packed with intense blue microflakes.  I might be biased since I already has a loved of Nebula's look. So much so that I once even tried Nebula nail art.  But this polish is way better than my art was.    

Here I used two coats plus top coat.  The application was great but I did note to be careful when applying it.  If you tend to be a bit messy like I am sometimes, cleaning up these microflakes off your skin isn't a great time, at least not if you're trying to be clean enough to be taking macro photos of your hands like I do.  

I was re-watching Infinity War this weekend after receiving these polishes and definitely noticed when Mantis said they were there to "Kick Names, Take Ass" in the movie since I had just written down these polish names.  It made me laugh.   This one is a pink-y/purple microflake.  Another flashy one!  

Again this was two coats plus top coat.  I had no application issues.  Since I had already learned my clean-up lesson with Nebula I didn't notice if these flakes were hard to clean but be careful just to be on the safe side.  

Who doesn't love Groot?  Especially baby Groot.  Teenage Groot in Infinity War is a little more troublesome but I imagine real life teenagers are like that too.  This Groot isn't troublesome at all though.  It's has a taupe grey base with a strong shifting olive-pink shimmer.  It's a lovely grown up color.  The bottle also shows a gold shift but I had a hard time picking that up on my nail.  

I Am Groot has another awesome formula.  I used three coats plus top coat but the third coat was unnecessary.  I thought two coats might show some VNL in my photos but I didn't notice a big difference between two and three coats.  

You Killed My Mom and Squished My Walkman! is the final polish I have to share today and the one that is currently on my nails.  It's a magnetic polish with a dark blue base, filled with scattered holo particles and a smattering of bronze ultrachrome flakies.  The magnet brings out a strong teal/blue/purple shift.  It's a galaxy on your nails.  

I used one coat and let it partially dry before applying the second coat and magnetizing it (I used the Beautometry bar magnet) and adding top coat.  

In addition to the 5 polishes I'm sharing today, there are two others.  The first is Those Who Dance and Those Who Do Not, a light blue linear holographic that shifts to mauve and has a turquoise/pink shimmer, inspired by Drax.  And the last one is The Deadliest Woman In The Galaxy inspired by Gamora.  It's a mystery polish so there's no description for it. 

Overall, I think you can tell I was impressed with the entire collection.  I'm glad I've discovered this brand and will definitely be eyeballing her future releases.  I already have her Polish Pickup contribution this month on my wishlist.  And to make it easy for us international folks to get them, Beautometry is offering a pre-order for this collection as well as a couple other Danglefoot Polish collections that will be open until May 10th.  

$14 USD each
Available at Beautometry
Pre-order open until May 10th, 2019, 12 am ET

'Til next time...

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