Monday, April 15, 2019

The Digit-al Dozen does Albums - Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon

Hey there!  Man, I've been a lazy blogger but there's nothing better to get me back into it than a new Digit-al Dozen week.  This week we're doing Albums.  I found it to be a tough theme (most albums have people's faces on them so I clearly couldn't do those) so I put off doing any of them until just last week.  I'm not usually that last-minute with my Digit-al Dozen manis.  Thankfully I did manage to get them all done...I might not love them all and I certainly took some liberties but at least they're done.  I honestly started by just googling "famous album covers" and, not surprisingly, one of the ones that kept coming up was Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon.  I've never even listened to the entire album but it's ended up on my nails anyway.

First, here's a look at the album cover.  I feel like everyone on earth has probably seen it but here it is anyway!  It is definitely pretty dark cool!  

There's not really much to say about how I did these.  I used two coats of A England Camelot for my black base and then went to town with acrylic paint.  

Wow, now that I look at it close up, my rendition is far from perfect.  I don't love the little bit inside the triangle but at least my rainbow isn't too too wiggly considering I didn't use tape for it.  

To finish, I used a coat of Vibrant Vinyls top coat.  I seriously have three bottle of this stuff open at the moment.  I should probably learn to finish one before I start a new one eh?  

Since it is a music-themed week, I thought I'd share my favourite song off any album I chose.  The song I like best off this album (from what I've heard) is Breathe.  I didn't realize that you have to be over a minute into the song before it sounds like the radio edit.  The beginning sounds ugly so I'm just skipping that part!  

'Til next time...

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