Tuesday, 16 April 2019

The Digit-al Dozen does Albums - The Tragically Hip's In Violet Light

Hey there!  When trying to decide on albums to try to do for The Digit-al Dozen's theme this week, I decided I wanted to do an album by The Hip.  For anyone reading this who isn't Canadian, The Tragically Hip was (and is) the quintessential Canadian rock band.  They never really broke through in the US but that was okay.  They sung songs about all sorts of Canadiana and we all loved them for it.  I saw them live a few times which I'm very thankful for.  I'm old enough that I even waited overnight in line for tickets (outdoors!) to my first Hip show (this was before the online ticket sales times).  Sadly, the front man, Gord Downie, died from brain cancer in 2017.  I know I wasn't alone in getting emotional when I heard the news.  This past weekend I came across a documentary which followed their final tour (after his cancer diagnosis - yes, he toured one last time after getting diagnosed).  I had seen it before but I still couldn't turn it off.  It was like getting to spend a little more time with old friends.  Anyway, I wanted to do some Hip nail art but most their album covers didn't lend themselves well to nail art.  But the 2002 album In Violet Light was perfect.  I had to freehand again but I hope I managed to do their artwork justice.

Like yesterday, let's start with the actual album cover, featuring a heron silhouette on a violet background.  

As a Canadian brand (with a creator who seems to love live music) I simply couldn't not use Girly Bits Cosmetics as the main polish for this mani.  I used Marine LP's tutorial for a dry marble using Girly Bits Beautiful Soul, Eggplant One On Me, My Peony Has A First Name and White Wedding over Beautiful Soul for the background.  For the black nails I used A England Camelot.  

For the art I used black acrylic paint.  I know my heron is still kinda crap but this one was after my third attempt at painting it so I stuck with it.  I'm so impressed by people who can do detailed freehand nail art.  I used a tiny brush but this still looks clunky.  But it still made me happy to pay homage to one of my favourite bands on my nails.  

Yesterday I said I was going to finish every post with my favourite song from that particular album.  On In Violet Light, It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken is easily my favourite song.  I love it.  But for other Hip songs, if you haven't heard them, please give Long Time Running and Bobcaygeon a listen.  They are slow so not the typical rock song but they're amongst my all-time favourite songs.  And in honour of my cousin (affectionately known as Fid) who recently passed away, maybe listen to Fiddler's Green.  This song was part of the slideshow made for him at his celebration of life last Friday.  It brought a tear to my eye but it was nice to find out that this band was something I had in common with a cousin who I didn't know as well as I should have.  It shows just how much this band was, and always will be, a part of our Canadian fabric.  They bring us together and will be missed.  

'Til next time...

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