Monday, February 19, 2018

The Digit-al Dozen does Mythical Creatures - Unicorns

Hey there!  It's a new Digit-al Dozen week...woohoo!  This month we're tackling Mythical Creatures. At first I didn't really love the prompt mostly because I couldn't really think 5 unique mythical creatures but I ended up really liking some of the designs I have for you this week.  Today's mani is one that I loved.  I have a feeling we'll see lots of unicorns this week and I can't wait.  I think these turned out really pretty.  I actually liked the base so much that I didn't want to cover it up but it had to be done.  I did take a photo before I stamped though so you can see it.

The Vapid Lacquer fans call themselves Vapicorns and I am definitely one of them.  I am fully obsessed with their skin care, bath & body and wax products.  The scents they have are my absolute favourites.  I love her polish too so I started with a Vapid base.  I wrote the technique down as a "brush scoop marble" but didn't write down where I heard that term.  It's where you dot a few polishes down and then pick a blob of them up with a brush and paint them on.  It creates a pretty cool look with very little effort.  Here I used Vapid I'm Late as a base and then used it, Beach Please, Purple Poison and a white for the art.  

Over that I double stamped with Mundo de Unas Bikini and Black.   Born Pretty L045 is probably the least cartoon-y unicorn plate I have.  It's really pretty and it paired up nicely with he flower images from Whats Up Nails A008.

The stamping mostly masked the marble look but you can still see it close up.  

After revisiting this mani today, I want to do this technique again.  I'm playing with new stamping plates today so maybe something similar will make another cool base.  While I contemplate that, I'm gonna peruse the rest of the ladies' blog in the links below.  I think this is going to be a really cool week!  

'Til next time...

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