Friday, February 16, 2018

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Love (but no pink or red)

Hey there!  Since it was Valentine's Day earlier this week, today's 26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge was to do a love-themed mani but there was a twist.  No pink or red!  I have to admit that I do immediately think of pink and red when I think Valentine's so I liked this prompt.  But I did just realize that lots of my V-Day manis this year had different colors.  Yay me!

I wanted a sort of vintage looking polish to use with these adorable cherubs so I went with one of my faves, KBShimmer Owl Miss You.  

All the stamping images I used here are from UberChic Beauty Love & Marriage 04.  I used this entire series of plates SO much this year.  The stamping polishes I used were Mundo de Unas Bronze, Black, White, Gelato and Bones.  

I finished up with KBShimmer Oh Matte top coat.  So many of my Valentine's Day nails ended up matte this year.  I'm still wearing my pink/gold nails that I did on Tuesday.  I better change them up tonight.  I need a change!  

That's all for today.  Check out the rest of the love nail art in the links below.  And have a great weekend!

'Til next time...

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