Friday, 23 February 2018

The Digit-al Dozen does Mythical Creatures - Dragons

Hey there!  To end off The Digit-al Dozen's Mythical Creatures week, we also have Nail Crazies Unite prompt of Red & Black Hobbies.  How can anyone combine such specific themes, you ask.  Well I managed to do it and ended up with my favourite mani of the week.  For my hobby, I chose reading.  I love reading, especially at the lake in the summers (I admit that I don't read nearly enough in winter).  I have read the Game of Thrones books and watched the show, sometimes repeatedly.  I also listened to the entire Binge Mode podcast series on it.  In other words, GoT takes enough time that it is also practically a hobby.  And there's DRAGONS!!!  Take that super specific prompts....combo'ed!

The first part of the NCU prompt was "red and black" so I started with a red holo from Celestial Cosmetics called Dracarys.  That's fitting since it's what Daenarys says to her dragons on GoT.  But then I added red-orange-gold-green flakes to give it a dragon scale look and lost a lot of the red.  These were Born Pretty 34118-8.

Then there's the stamping.  I double stamped with Mundo de Unas Bronze and Black with Creative Shop 70 for the scales and the dragon eye (which was filled in with OPI Goldeneye - another fitting name, and Mundo de Unas White).  

Lastly there's the "Game of Thrones" image from Creative Shop 35.  My nails aren't very wide so it barely fit, even angled.  I topped them HK Girl top coat.  

I gotta admit, I'm pretty proud for coming with a red & black hobby-themed mani with mythical creatures.  And it just so happens that I loved these nails!  I hope you like them too.  We can see other the rest of the groups are posting for these prompts in the links below.  
'Til next time...

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