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Beauty Bigbang Nail Product Review

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Hey there!  Today I have a quick review of a few nail art products from Beauty Bigbang.  If you haven't heard of them, they're a beauty company from overseas that carries a huge variety of products at really low prices.  Personally I've only tried the nail art products so I can't speak for it all but the nail art items are certainly worth the cost.  Shipping seems to take about 3-4 weeks which is much quicker than other companies I have ordered from.  Today I have some chameleon flakies, black chrome powder, a dual-ended gradient sponge tool and a stamping plate so it's a pretty varied post today.  I really enjoyed all of them and would happily recommend them all.  If you're interested in these or other Beauty Bigbang products, use the code "CLAWS" to receive 10% off your order.

Chameleon Flakies
Item J2443-10A
$2.99 USD
0.2 grams

I love shifty flakies so much and these ones are great, especially for the price.  These iridescent flakies are almost clear on their own but shift between blue and purple over darker colours.  I applied them over a black base by picking some up with a eyeshadow sponge applicator (they stick to it on their own, probably just from static forces) and tapping it on my nail with a slightly tacky top coat.  I topped them with HK Girl top coat to make them totally smooth, though really flakies don't add much texture since they do lay flat to the nail.  

$2.99 USD
0.5 grams

Black chrome powder seems to be the latest shade of powders that can be burnished into nails to create a metallic feel.  I applied it over Madam Glam Perfect Black with a no wipe top coat.  It created a shiny charcoal result.  It's not as mirror-like as other shades but, as someone who loves black nails, it's really cool.

$2.59 USD
6 x 6 cm plate (18 x 25 mm images)

As a stamping addict, I worry when I try out new plate brands, especially less expensive ones but this plate worked easy peasy!  The images are 18 x 25 mm which is quite large so they should be big enough for most people but they don't lose any of their beauty with smaller nails like mine.  The rest of the designs I did for this post used this plate and I didn't have issues with any of them.  

For my first mani with the plate I stamped with Essie No Place Like Chrome over the Black Mirror Chrome Powder.  Even with those relatively fine lines, the etching was great and transferred without issue.  

$5.99 USD
Comes with 4 replacement sponge heads

If you haven't seen these double-ended sponge tools yet, they're pretty cool.  I first saw them used for a gel polish gradient which needs more precision than a regular polish gradient (no one wants to cure gel polish into their skin, right?).  This particular item comes with the tool and 6 sponge ends, 3 rounded and 3 tapered.  The sponges should be able to be cleaned with acetone, preferably before the polish dries, but I did find that the integrity of the material broke down a bit.  I think you could probably get 2-3 manis from each sponge.

The first thing I thought when I saw this tool was that maybe I could finally do a decent radial gradient.  Since you can sponge on more precisely, there's no more blindly trying to center the middle color.  I used Cirque Halcyon over China Glaze Grape Pop for these and then stamped with Rica Whiteout.  I realized after the fact that the stamping image I used covered the radial gradient effect.  Darn.  

This tool can also be used for a more random sponging pattern.  I think this will end up being my favourite way to use it from now on.  It looks way better than just breaking off little bits of sponge to apply color like I usually do.  Here I used A England Shall Be My Queen, Briar Rose, Perceval, Anne Boleyn and Gloriana over Anne of Cleves and stamped with Mundo de Unas Black.  For this image, thinner stamping polish didn't work so maybe its etching is a bit more shallow than the other.  

I hope I've shown you some items that might be new to you.  Again, if you'd like to try any of them you can use the code CLAWS to save 10%.

Available at Beauty Bigbang

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