Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Bundle Monster Pencil Stamper/Clean Up Brush Review

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Hey there!  Today I have a review of an innovative new product from Bundle Monster - the Dual-ended Pencil Stamper/Clean Up Brush.  It's just that.  One end has a small, squishy stamper head; the other has an acetone-safe clean up brush.  If you do a lot of stamping of smaller, individual images, this is absolutely a must-have as it makes placement easy AND you'll always have a clean up brush handy.  I don't know about anyone else but it seems like that is the one item I'm constantly misplacing.  The brush end comes with a cap so it won't get ruined and there's an extra stamper head, which are nice little extras to have.

Here are some closer views of each end.  Overall, the entire tool measures ~14 cm long and is filled with tiny, pretty crystals.  The clean up end is a 3-4 mm angled brush and the stamper is ~1 cm wide.  

Since I wanted to start with testing out the clean up brush, I need a messy base.  I used a double-ended sponge tool to sponge on white, grey and black polish.  Even with using a cuticle barrier (I used Mani Mask here) there's still polish around my nail.  

That's where the clean up brush comes in.  I dipped the clean up brush in pure acetone and went to work.  The brush is a bit soft for my liking so I'm hoping it stiffens up with use (that has happened with other brushes for me) but I really like the angle and the size of it.  

As I mentioned, the stamper head is quite squishy so be sure to use a light touch or your images could distort.  At first use, it wasn't picking up well so I quickly rinsed it with dish soap and gave it a really light buffing with a glass file and the difference was amazing.  It picked up perfectly but, again, use a light touch.  It's awesome to use small images without worrying about removing a bunch of extra.  

The image I used is from Bundle Monster BM-003 (I went with some old school plates).  For stamping polish I used Mundo de Unas Bikini.  As you can see, I was able to place a lot of flowers with good placement.  

Overall I think this tool has a place in every stamping addict arsenal.  Honestly I generally avoid smaller images because they're a bit of a pain but I think this stamper will be really helpful so you'll probably see more individual images used soon!

$11.49 USD
Available at Bundle Monster

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