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KBShimmer Holo-Day Collection 2017 Swatches & Review

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Hey there!  The holidays might be over but the Holo-Days never are.  Last month KBShimmer released their 8 piece Holiday 2017 collection, aptly name Holo-Day.  I'm always such a fangirl of KBShimmer polishes, especially the cremes, but this collection shows why I shouldn't get stuck in a creme rut.  Their holos are gorgeous too.  I especially love the variety of finishes that they have to choose from.  In addition to linear holographic polishes, there are also Mega-Flame glitters and, my personal favourites, Holo Glow Flakes (scattered holo flakies in a shimmer base that really does give it a "glow" appearance).  Who knew you could do holographic in so many ways?!  I was lucky enough to receive these from Color4Nails, an US-based stockist, to review.  In case you haven't visited them in awhile, Color4Nails just got a website facelift and it is looking STELLAR. Give them a visit if you haven't checked it out already.

I had no issues with any of the polishes in the Holo-Day 2017 collection and I'll certainly be wearing these year-round.  Don't be fooled by it's Christmas release time.  These are such versatile shades that they're definitely not limited!  For each polish, I have a two photos (regular and macro) taken in a light box with 5K light bulbs to give you a sense of how they look in regular light but the third photo is taken in direct light with LED bulbs.  They're less color-accurate but they do give a much better sense of just how holographic these polishes are.  

Color:  slightly dusty blue toned purple.  A pretty perfect match for 2018’s Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet.  
Coats: 2 plus Clearly On Top.  Quite opaque at one coat.
Finish:  smooth linear holographic, on par with other KBShimmer holos.  Lots of rainbow but not so much that it greys it out.  
Application:  very easy

Color: cherry red
Coats: 2 plus 2 coats Clearly On Top.  Quite opaque at one coat.
Finish: Mega Flame, silver holographic microglitter in a red coloured base.  Dries with a touch of texture so top coat is a must.    
Application:  easy

Color:  bright medium green holo
Coats: 2 plus Clearly On Top.  Quite opaque at one coat.
Finish: smooth linear holo (same as Come On Get App-y)
Application:  flawless

Color: bright blue
Coats: 2 coats plus 2 coats Clearly On Top.  
Finish: Mega Flame, silver holo microglitter in a blue base.  Dries textured so needs top coat.  
Application:  easy peasy  

Color: dark burgundy with red glow and holo flakies
Coats: 2 plus one coat Clearly On Top
Finish: smooth, Holo Glow Flake finish.  Scattered holo flakies in a shimmery base.
Application: very easy

Up To Snow Good

Color: white with holo flakes (giving it a pale grey look) and blue shimmer.  Looked very pale blue on me.  
Coats: 2 coats plus Clearly on Top
Finish: smooth, Holo Glow Flake finish.  
Application: Easy.  First coat had a couple patches but was fine on the second coat.  Nothing problematic with formula (as some other snow-inspired polishes have had).

Color: teal-purple duochrome with holographic flakies
Coats: 2 plus Clearly On Top
Finish: Holo Glow but more like a duochrome instead of shimmer.  Dries smooth.
Application:  applies perfectly

Color: very light brown holo, almost a light champagne
Coats: 3 coats plus Clearly On Top
Finish: linear holo.  dries smooth
Application:  very smooth.  Did want a third coats due to light color. 

Wasn't that a gorgeous collection?? I love them all but I definitely have a fondness for the Holo Glow Flake finish so Why So Sirius and Up To Snow Good are my faves with Pour Decisions being a close third.   I swatched these over a week ago but Why So Sirius has really stuck in my mind so I think I'm going to wear it again this week.  These are all available from Color4Nails.  Unfortunately Up To Snow Good is currently sold out but Sisi gets restocks often so keep your eyes peeled.   

Available at Color4Nails

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