Thursday, 11 January 2018

The Digit-al Dozen does All That Glitters - Sparkly Crystal Stamping

Hey there!  For today's glitter-y Digit-al Dozen post I used a stamping image that turned out to be very popular this week.  That doesn't surprise me at all - this crystal image is super cool AND crystals are glittery all on their own, even if you don't actually use glitter polish.

I've seen this image on at least a couple different stamping plates.  The one I used is Bundle Monster BM-S303, with Mundo de Unas Black.

I filled the image with spots of Different Dimension Ghost of Jupiter, Slay Your Own Dragons and Always Wish Upon A Star.  They all have a slightly different color-tinge to them (silver, turquoise and pink) but because they're soooo glitter-y, the colors sort of blend together in my photos.  

Mine didn't turn out anywhere near as cool as hers, but they were originally inspired by Glitterfingersss negative space look.  Since I did reverse stamping with a pretty heavy glitter, they ended up thick and stick so I had issues with getting them to stick and lay down on my nail so there's some mess. I used OPI Don't Touch My Tutu as a base color (to make my nails look at bit more white) but maybe naked would've been easier.  

So far two other girls have used this image for our glitter week, Painted Fingertips and The Polished Koi.  I wonder if anyone else will use it tomorrow.  While we wait to see that, you can find everyone else's Day 4 designs in the links below.

'Til next time...

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