Friday, 12 January 2018

The Digit-al Dozen does All That Glitters/Nail Crazies Unite - Gold Snowflakes

Hey there!  My final mani for The Digit-al Dozen's All That Glitters week is combined with this week's Nail Crazies Unite prompt of Gold Snowflakes.  That one is pretty specific so it made it easy to figure out how to combine them - gold glitter with negative space snowflakes.  Easy peasy!   I love when I can combine prompts.  I have already done my DD manis for next month and I can't wait to show you the combined prompt for that Friday.  It's one of my favourite manis in awhile.  But for now, we have sparkly snowflakes.  It's my second wintery design this week but I make no apologies.  We've been in a deepfreeze here.  Actually, a freezer is approximately -20 C but with windchill it's felt like between -30 and -40 here so it's worse than a freezer.  Can you tell I'm so done with winter already?


My base for this is my most sparkly gold - FUN Lacquer Million Dollar Dream.  Holy I use this one a lot.  I don't know how I'm not out of it yet since it does take a few coats to be opaque on it's own but it's absolutely worth it for all that holographic gold glitz.  

For the stamping I used a negative space snowflake image from Lina Nail Art Supplies Winter 01. I tried for a gradient look with Mundo de Unas Black and Esmaltes da Kelly Tuco but it didn't blend very well for some reason.  

And just to show you how sparkly this glitter is, here's a macro.  There's really nothing better than negative space stamping over glitter to me.  I just love it!  

That's the end of another DD week.  Everyone else's final manis can be found below, along with a pile of golden snowflakes (certainly not be be mistaken for yellow snow, haha).

'Til next time...

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