Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Digit-al Dozen does All That Glitters - Glitter Placement with Stamping

Hey there!  Oh I know, I'm SO late for today's post.  But I had an anxiety-riddled day so I needed to come home and chill before getting to my blog responsibilities.  So now that my brain is in a much calmer state, I'm here!  For today's Digit-al Dozen All That Glitters post, I did a form of nail art that I have tackled a few times and always have a love-hate relationship with it.  I love how it looks but I hate how long it takes.  Yup, it's glitter placement.  Taking one tiny piece of glitter at a time and placing it in a somewhat organized fashion doesn't really fly with my impatience.  But it sure can look swell!!

To do them, all I needed was black polish, cheap hex glitter in 4 colors, toothpicks and time.  So much time... I think I've only done glitter placements previously with round glitter so there were no edges.  This time I actually tried to line up edges which is quite a bit harder but way more cool.  

The downfall of glitter placement manis is the bubbles.  I always tend up with so...many....bubbles!!!  I personally just try to ignore them.  If I don't look, maybe they'll go away.  

Since my colors reminded me of a mermaid I ended up stamping this is UberChic Beauty's Mermaid Life with Essie Nothing Else Metals and Mundo do Unas Black followed by a matte top coat.  I even stuck a fake pearl in the oyster image.  That's definitely my fave nail since you can still see the glitter and it got a big 3D.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Please swing by the other ladies posts in the links below.  I love love love what the new ladies are bringing to the group.  They've all been stellar!  

'Til next time...

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