Thursday, 7 December 2017

UberChic Beauty Collection 22 and Got Chevron? Stamping Plates

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Hey there!  Today I have a few of the newest plates from UberChic Beauty to show you guys.  Almost two whole weeks ago (I've been slow on this one, I know) they released the latest collection AND a collaboration plate with JayLynn of @gotnail called Got Chevron?.  While I'm always the most pumped for new collections, my sister who pretty much only stamps her nails with chevrons was excited to see a whole plate of them.  I've done a couple manis with each plate and, while I do enjoy the chevron plate, the collections still have my heart.  Which are you more drawn to, the sets or the individual plates?

$24.99 USD
set of 3 plates
9.5 cm x 14.5 cm plates (17 x 21 mm images)


As soon as I saw the jewels on the first plate, I knew I needed to do something sparkly with them.  I was inspired by a couple manis I saw on Instagram, a flakie jewel from Glitterfingersss and some 3D jewels (using the same images) from B Nailed To Perfection.  I used 2 coats Madam Glam Perfect Black and stamped the vertical swirls with MDU Dark Grey and then matted with Gelish matte top coat.  The first layer of the jewels were stamped with Mundo de Unas Red, Tequila, Joy and Orchid.  I wanted a real jewel look so I mixed up some flakies (Whats Up Nails Tropic. Mystery, Mermaid and Aurora Supreme) with HK Girl top coat and painted on top of the stamping.  When that was dry, I stamped the second layer with MDU Bronze and Black and then got the 3D effect by adding builder gel and curing (repeated twice).  Sorry for the long description but these were so much fun.  I want to play with builder gel more for 3D effects.

My second mani looks so plain compared to the first, even though it has polishes I'd been wanting forever.  I stamped with Mundo de Unas White over 5 Masura polishes (thumb to pinky: The Diamond Planet, Pillars of Creation, Blue Stars, The Universe, Andromeda’ Nebula).  This is the only image that didn't work great for me.  I don't know if it's due to the thin lines or the stamping polish but my transfer wasn't great here.  


For this mani, I re-purposed my drip marble that was my Digit-al Dozen birthday mani last month.  I believe I received these plates the same weekend as I did this mani so, after wearing it alone for a day, I stamped this gorgeous negative space image over it.  I gotta admit, the stamping looks even better than the marble alone.  I could easily see going back to this image a lot.  It might be one of my favourite UberChic images ever.

Next I wanted to do something peacock-like with these layered images.  I used one of my all-time favourite polishes, OPI Goldeneye with stamping of Mundo de Unas Fiji and Iris, topped with HK Girl.  


These are 2 coats of Pretty Serious Into Dream, gradient stamped with Hit The Bottle To Have and To Gold, Copper Haired Girl, Drop Red Gorgeous topped with HK Girl.  This is another winner of an image.  I was immediately drawn to it and wasn’t disappointed. 

My last mani for Collection 22 might be one you saw on my Instagram Story.  On my birthday, I had to do my nails before work (I'd gone to bed them with them a mess) and I did this cool oil slick-looking mani with a few Born Pretty sheers over black.  Put on my cuticle protector and did all the stamping but when I went to pull off the liquid latex, I realized I had used nail polish instead.  At least I didn't have to be at work at a certain time so I had time to use a whole pile of cotton swabs to remove it from my skin.  If nothing else, I did get to show everyone that I do usually do both my hands the same since it was my right hand.  Despite the disaster, I liked how it turned out!  

$14.99 USD
9.5 x 14.5 cm plate (17 x 21 mm images)  

I wouldn't have thought it'd be possible to come up with a whole plate of chevrons but Brittany and JayLynn did it wonderfully.  I used Esmaltes da Kelly Bee, Molly, Lisa and Chuvisco in a gradient, stamped with MDU Black and finished with OPI matte top coat.  I really wanted something summery.  

And lastly, to counteract the summer feel of the last one, I used a more holiday-colored palette here with Mundo de Unas Bronze and White over Colors by Llarowe Rebellion.  A few of those skinny ones didn't transfer so I had to add them in after.  

If either of these tickled your fancy, you can find them (and more) on the UberChic Beauty website (and her various distributors).  I really liked them both.  This was my favourite collection in awhile and that's saying something!  

Available at UberChic Beauty

'Til next time...

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