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Beauty Bigbang Powder and Flakes Review

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Hey there!  Some of your might have heard that there's a new nail art kid on the block.  Beauty Bigbang is an overseas company with VERY affordable nail art products.  They approached me awhile back to see if I wanted to try any of them out.  I received a couple Chameleon Flakes, their version of Aurora Unicorn powder and three holographic/multichrome Peacock Powders.  All of them worked easily and I really like the effects they produce.  They were also nice enough to supply a coupon code (CLAWS10) to save 10% on all your orders.  Keep reading to see all the details and for the links to the products.

$3.59 USD
0.2 grams

Item J2443-4A:  These color-shifting flakies shift from red to orange to gold to green.  It's really one of my favourite multichrome spectrums.  To get the full color effect, I applied these over a black base almost to opacity.  The flakies in this jar were quite tiny but I can't say if the same would be said of all of the individual jars of this item.  

Item J2443-5A:  Originally I had requested item 7A which should have a pink-purple look.  While this jar did say 7A, this is definitely not the item advertised on their site.  I believe it looks more like 5A.  These flakies are much larger than the other item I received.  Personally I prefer the slightly larger flakies for a more dramatic effect.  These appear mainly green but shift from blue to orange and gold.  I've tried a lot of flakies but this is not a color combination I've seen before which is exciting.  

$3.29 USD
0.2 grams

Item 2831: To use their Aurora Unicorn powder, I used a light purple gel base with no wipe top coat.  As with other powders of these sort, I started applying with an eyeshadow applicator and buffed it in with a silicone tool.  It gives a really iridescent look with a green shimmer.  It's not as speckled as some others look but it also doesn't provide the metallic sheen that others do.  I do like the unicorn rainbow effect I see here.  

$3.29 USD
0.2 grams

Item J2952-7A: I might be wrong but I believe these Peacock Powders are multi chrome powders with a bit of holo in them.  I applied all of these over a black base with no wipe gel top coat.  7A is an olive green with a golden shift.  Above you can see the holo effect (in direct light) while in regular light you see more of the multichrome effect.  

Item J2952-6A: 6A has a green-purple shift.  It's more holographic than the others but also seems to be less pigmented over a black base.  Maybe this would be good over a base of a similar color as the pigment.

Item J2952-12A: 12A is my favourite of the Peacock Powders I got to try.  It has a brown-bronze-gold-green look.  This color spectrum always looks good in fall but I really do like it year round.  

In conclusion, if you're not happy with your correct supplier of affordable nail art products, Beauty Bigbang seems to be a great alternative.  Shipping to Canada seemed to take approximately 5 weeks.  I can't speak to their average but I know that that's certainly faster than some of the other sites I've ordered from.  I also really like that I can choose my currency so I don't have to guess what my total will be after conversion.  And don't forget to use CLAWS10 to save yourself some of your hard-earned dollars! 

Available at Beauty Bigbang

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