Saturday, 30 December 2017

Nail Crazies Unite - Blue, Silver & White Winter

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Hey there!  This week's Nail Crazies Unite theme is way too appropriate for me.  We're doing Blue, White and Silver Winter and trust me, we're in a deep freeze of winter right now!  It's -30 C in Edmonton.  Everyone is complaining about the cold, me in particular.  The pipes froze and burst in my apartment so I'm typing this up without heat.  Luckily it's so hot in here regularly that there's residual heat so I'm not freezing to death.  For my mani for this week, I used some snowflake stencils from Whats Up Nails.  I think they turned out perfectly winter-y.

I used quite a few Moonflower Polish shades for my mani (all previously reviewed).  To start, I used a white base (Moonflower Polish Dia) that I then added streaks of Moonflower Polish Silver and then Whats Up Nails Holographic Flakies.  It really ended up being a much more silver base than white but I promise the white was under there!

Then I used the Whats Up Nails Snowfall Stencils.  These stencils and available for $3.75 USD for a sheet of 12.  They separated really easily (my biggest decider for whether or not I like a stencil) if you pulled up from an end, not a corner.  I definitely liked these ones.  

For my blues, I did a gradient of Moonflower Polish Hydrangea and Azul over the stencils.  I think they turned out pretty swell.  As much as I love snowflake manis, I'd be a-okay living in a slightly warmer place right now!  

You can find the links for Whats Up Nails site and social media in the links below.  And below that, you can find more winter nail art from some of the Nail Crazies Unite folks.  Maybe next prompt we can do summer nails and it'll magically warm up by 60 degrees here!  

Available at What's Up Nails

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