Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Delush Polish Legion of Thrones Swatches and Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  It has been a few months since Delush Polish's last collection release but this one is well worth the wait.  This most recent collection, Legion of Thrones, is the third instalment in the tribute to our favourite Game of Thrones characters.  You can tell it's a complex show when Delush has come out with this many beautiful polishes related to it without any overlapping.  Legion of Thrones is a 7 piece set.  They all have Delush's impeccable 5-free formula but the styles are so different.  I varied collections like these.  There should be something that anyone can fall in love with.  Keep reading to hear all my thoughts.

Dragon Dust

Color: dark green jelly with color-shifting glitters (copper-gold-green).  There’s also a smattering of flakies.  
Coats: 3 coats plus top coat but two thick coats would be fine
Application:  very easy for a jelly/glitter
Notes: does dry down with texture thanks to the glitter but it’s easily smoothed out by top coat.  I do try to use thicker coats when using a jelly/glitter to make sure I’m picking up glitter on my brush every time.  

Hand of the King

Color: blue jelly with color-shifting and multi chrome flakies.  The description says it's navy but it leans teal on me.
Coats: 2 coats plus top coat.  I did do a little extra stroke at the tips to reduce the sheerness.  
Application: no issues  
Notes: SOOO many flakies - looks really cool when you’re bored and examining your polish with your nose an inch from your nail…maybe I’m the only one who does that!   

Ice Dwellers

Color: icy blue to dark blue shimmer with color shifting shards (blue) flakies 
Coats: 3 coats plus top coat
Application:  applied easily  
Notes: the thermal shift is slight on me but I like that it looks more like a gradient than a stark line.  Also, the shards sometimes stick up at a bit.  I’d suggest trying to notice them while you’re applying and poke them down otherwise it’ll be hard to smooth out.  

Since my photos appear to be mostly in the warm state, I did chill my fingers with some cold water to snap a photo in the cool state, just in case you need to know what it looks like it you're hanging out outdoors in the winter.  

Master of Whispers

Color: blue-toned purple with blue shimmer, red microglitters and holo flakies
Coats: 2 easy coats plus top coat
Application: Perfect.  Dries completely smooth.
Notes:  love the sparkle and the red flakies are a nice addition but not very noticeable from a distance

Color: taupe with super strong red shimmer - leaves it with a purple-grey feeling
Coats: 2 plus top coat
Application:  smooth as can be
Notes: This color usually hates my skin tone but I love this one.  It’s one of my favourites in the collection.

Stone Man

Color: blackened jelly with mix of glitters (mostly oranges and golds) and even some large circle glitter
Coats: 2 plus top coat
Application:  Easy except I had a hard time picking up the large circle glitter.  
Notes: Glitter does dry down textured so it needs top coat

The Viper

Color: raspberry jelly with shimmer and holo flakies
Coats: 2 coats plus top coat 
Application: easy peasy
Notes: dries pretty smooth but it can still benefit from a coat of top coat

My favourites in this collection are definitely Master of Whispers and Ruthless Warrior but they're all really lovely.  While Ice Dwellers shift is purposefully more subtle than Delush's previous thermals, I do like it's icy gradient look.  These are all available now on the Delush Polish website.  

$9.75 USD each
$69.45 USD/entire collection (currently on sale for $66 USD)
Available from Delush Polish

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