Friday, 22 December 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Christmas Childhood Memories

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Hey there!  For what is likely going to be my last post before Christmas, I have my contribution to the 26 Great Nail Art Challenges for this week.  The theme is "Christmas (or other holiday) Childhood Memories".  My family doesn't have any really unique traditions or anything, just the standard cookies left out for Santa, turkey dinner and, of course, the Christmas tree.  I loved helping decorate it when I was little.  We had lots of different ornaments that my parents had bought/received over the years.  Now our tree is a bit more uniform but it's still certainly the centrepiece of our Christmas.

For these, I mixed stamping with some Whats Up Nails stencils and absolutely loved how they turned out.  I started with OPI Christmas Gone Plaid and then stamped it with an evergreen branch pattern from Lina Nail Art Supplies Winter 02 with Mundo de Unas Green.  That gave me the tree.

But of course I had to decorate the tree.  For that I used Whats Up Nails Festive Globes stencils.  These stencils were a joy to use.  They peeled up perfectly.  There are 4 stencils each of 4 different patterns (each with 3 bulbs which fit almost perfectly on my nails).

For the bulbs I used Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn and Yuletide Of The Machines with just a touch of Frosty The Snowborg used for the glare.  I finished them with OPI matte top coat.  

And that's it!  If you're interested in these stencils (or any other Whats Up Nails products) you can find them at the links below.  Be sure to check out their Winter/Holiday section.  And below that you'll find the links to everyone else's holiday childhood memories manis.  And, in case I'm not back before Christmas, I truly hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, whatever it is you celebrate!

$3.75 USD/sheet of 16 stencils
Available at What's Up Nails

'Til next time...

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