Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Futuristic: Space Nails

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Since this week the Digit-al Dozen is doing a Futuristic theme, I thought it'd be a good time to share the Whats Up Nails B011 Intergalactic Encounters stamping plate.  My brain seems to really trends towards outer space when I think of the future so I did a stamped galaxy mani and some adorable little aliens and spaceships with this awesome plate.  I really enjoy all of Whats Up Nails plates but this one is particularly cool to me, possibly because I love the mystery of space so much.  Plus, I can never deny any stamping plate that has DNA on it (even if I didn't use it for today's manis).

$7.75 USD
6 x 12 cm plate (15 x 21 mm images)

I love how much science is on this plate!  And more...I'm not sure what the circle swirly things represent but those images are so cool.  I tried quite a few of these images on practice wheels before I did my manis and they all worked great.  Even with all the fine lines on this plate, I didn't have issues with getting anything to pick up and transfer.  

Despite how neat I thought the circle thingies are, I started with a more traditional galaxy mani.  I used a few magnetic polishes (Bow Polish Motivation, Smile In Your Sleep, Reboot and Sirens) painted on randomly and topped with KBShimmer I Only Have Ice For You and stamped with Mundo de Unas White.  All the star/planet images work so well together.  

To go along with the futuristic theme, I was thinking maybe one day we'll meet sweet little aliens that make their way here on their adorable spaceships.  Actually I just watched ET with my niece this past weekend so this almost feels like a throwback to the 1980's to me...but ET looked nothing like these little guys.  

For these I did a gradient of Serum No. 5 Day Glow, Glowin' of Eden and Blue Blazes and stamped with Mundo de Unas Black.  I figured the glow makes it even more least I hope all nail polishes in the future will glow this much, haha!  

I hope you like my spacey take on today's Futuristic theme.  If you're interested in this plate it can be found on Whats Up Nails website here: 

Available at What's Up Nails

And when you're done shopping, you can check out the rest of the DD girls' Day 3 designs.  I am absolutely LOVING the manis I've seen from them this week.  I have such creative friends!  

'Til next time...

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