Sunday, 12 November 2017

Painted Polish Fall Into Zen Cremes Swatches

Hey there!  Since I've been a big blogging slacker, I thought I'd write up a quick post on the weekend just to share some stamping polishes I recently purchased.  I'd never tried Painted Polish before but I kept seeing awesome photos on Instagram so I got tempted.  I particularly love that they're polishes that are good to wear as regular polish OR to use for stamping.  Plus they're 5-free and cruelty-free.  So I decided to try them out and bought the Fall Into Zen cremes.  I bought a couple others (a black and a brown) but only tested out the fall cremes in actual stamping swatches.  I also wore a couple of them over some holo powder so that's in here as well.

I was really impressed with these polishes, both as regular polish and as stamping polish.  I don't usually take anyone's word for it when they say a polish is a one-coater.  I do two coats with pretty much every polish but I only did one coat for the swatch nails here and there's not even a hint of nail showing through.  I do feel like my ridges and imperfections are too visible with a single coat but, coverage-wise, these were fully opaque at one coat.  And for stamping the colors hold true even over black polish which, as a stamper, is the most important quality to me.  Long story short, these are pretty great.  I'm not sure how much I'll use these particular shades but I'm sold on the brand and will likely buy more in other colors.  All the stamping in this post was done with the UberChic Beauty Lovely Leaves stamping plate with KBShimmer Clearly On Top top coat.  

$10 USD

Personally I think mocha is more of a brown color than this while this leans more pink than brown to me.  


This is pretty much a perfect olive green polish.  I don't have any stamping polish in this color so it's going to come in handy!  

$10 USD

I have to admit that I had no idea what a mulberry is so I definitely didn't know the color.  Now I find it strange that the color is so different than the berry.  But this does appear to be a great match for a mulberry color, albeit a bit more dusty.  It's a great grown up color.  

$10 USD

What a great yellow!  And super trendy this year.  It's hard to get a yellow that stamps this well over black.  It's a winner in my book for that alone.

Since swatching these, I used Stamped in Moss and Mulberry to stamp with Whats Up Nails B018 over a mani of Whats Up Nails Holographic Powder (both previously provided for review).  I think the toned down colors of the stamping polish pair up pretty nicely with the blingy-ness of the holo powder.  

Even in normal lighting (without all the holo rainbows) I think this stamping looks pretty nice.  But the sparkly rainbows do make it better, haha!  

So it appears I have yet another stamping polish brand I want to start collecting.  Since I like pretty bright colours, the spring collection is calling my name!  The holos look pretty tempting too.  If anyone has tried them, I'd love to hear your opinion of the non-stamping polishes!

'Til next time...

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