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Smokey Mountain Lacquers Winter/Holiday 2017 Swatches & Review

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Hey there!  I'm so pleased to bring to you a review for a new-to-me brand.  Smokey Mountain Lacquers is a 5-free indie brand based out of Nashville, USA.  Tomorrow evening (November 19th 2017)  is the launch of their Holiday/Winter 2017 collection.  This 4 polish collection was an absolute joy to swatch so this brand has a new fan in me!  There's a variety of colors and finishes that are perfect for the winter season.  Keep reading to hear all about it.

There are quite a few photos in this post so I hope you're ready to be wow'ed with some pretty polish pictures.  For each polish the first two photos were taken in direct artificial light and the last 3 (including the macro photos) were taken in a light box with 5K bulbs (since most of us don't get to live with our nails directly under a light bulb).  Since the polishes haven't been released yet, there's no direct links to the polishes but they will all be found on the Smokey Mountain Lacquer website at 7 pm EST tomorrow.  Under the titles, I will list the prices and the official description to the polishes but I will include my notes in between all the photos.  Some of these polishes do dry down with a bit of texture so each polish is swatched with KBShimmer Clearly On Top top coat.  

Winter Night Sky
$10 USD
"deep blue crelly with blue shimmer and silver holo micro flakies"

Color:  the color of the night sky - a navy blue jelly (not crelly…more like a super pigmented jelly without the creme) with silver holo microflakies and strong blue shimmer
Coats: 2 plus top coat
Finish: dries down smooth
Notes: Just gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!  

Sparkling Snow
$10 USD
"white crelly with sparkle white micro glitters, silver holo micro flakies and a blue flash"

Color: white crelly with silver holo microglitter and blue shimmer
Coats : 3 coats plus top coat
Finish: dries with a bit of texture due to glitter
Notes: The formula on Sparking Snow is great.  I was surprised at how opaque it was since white cruelties are notoriously sheer..  The blue flash is subtle but definitely there however I don't really see the white microglitter.

Cozy Scarf
$10 USD
"medium gray crelly with fuchsia/green/gold UCC flakies and silver holo micro flakies"

Color: medium grey crelly with smattering of shifty flakies and silver microflakies.  All the components are very apparent.  
Coats: 3 thin coats plus top coat but 2 was opaque.  
Finish: dries smooth (no texture)
Notes: Cozy Scarf has a really nice crelly formula.  It applied effortlessly.  And the color really is a perfect medium grey which is hard to find.  

Berry Good Year
$9 USD
"deep wine crelly with fire red holo micro glitter, green shimmer and red shimmer"

Color: burgundy crelly with red holo microglitter and red shimmer 
Coats: 2 plus top coat
Finish: dries textured so needs top coat
Notes: Berry Good Year is really sparkly but still sophisticated.  The red shimmer is super strong but the green shimmer is more subtle.  

Overall this is a gorgeous winter collection.  I seriously want a dress with the sparkle and shimmer of Winter Night Sky now.  Can you imagine that at a Christmas party?!  It’s certainly my favourite of the collection with Sparkling Snow being a close second.  I have a feeling you'll be seeing that in some winter nail art on me in the coming months.  

Available at Smokey Mountain Lacquers (November 19th 7 pm CST)
$9-10 USD each
$35/full collection

'Til next time...

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