Friday, 3 November 2017

Nail Crazies Unite - Neutral Colors

Hey there!  A couple weeks ago the last Nail Crazies Unite challenge ended but the ladies have come up with new prompts for another round of it and I couldn't be more excited.  The prompts they've posted so far are all new and are going to be really fun.  The first one they've done is simple but something I so rarely do - Neutral Colors!  I don't know why I tend to wear such bright colours on my nails but I have to admit that I love this more neutral mani.  I did sneak some color in there but it's still very muted compared by my usual nails.

When I was looking for some neutral inspiration, I came across this Instagram page.  She has so many pretty work-appropriate manis.  I was definitely inspired by her (though I can't point out one particular design).  I highly suggest just scrolling and admiring like I did.

I used Zoya Charlotte and Godiva for my neutral coloured nails.  I love that Godiva is a subtle color but still so sparkly.  This has to be one of my most used polishes.

Then I did some layered stamping with some Clear Jelly Stamper plates - CJS-5, 10, 13 and 26 to be exact.  I used some stamping polishes by Painted Polish that I just bought, Stamped in Chocolate, Moss, Mulberry and Mustard.  I did swatch these but I haven't gotten around to blogging them yet.  Hopefully next week!  To end I added a few more white dots and topped with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.    

Well there we have the first of the new Nail Crazies Unite nails.  Thanks for swinging by.  If you have time, check out even more neutral nails in the rest of the ladies' links below.

'Til next time...

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