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Winstonia Christmas Stamping Plates Review

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Hey there!  It's exactly one week until Christmas and I still have a few festive designs to share with you guys, starting with these that were done using this year's Winstonia Christmas Special plates.  I've been using Winstonia's plates since I first heard about them around 2013.  Since then I've purchased every set and quite a few of their individual plates because I've always enjoyed the quality and the images that they come up with.  So when they asked if I'd review a few of their holidays plates, I certainly couldn't say no.  Even if you don't think you could receive these plates in time for the big day, fear not, there's plenty of images that can (and will) be used throughout the entire winter season...which, where I am, is pretty darn long!  Here's the manis I've done using these plates and the jumbo clear stamper.  At the end of this post, there will be a coupon code to use on any regular priced items in the Winstonia shop so keep reading...

Included with the plates I received, was Winstonia's Jumbo Clear Stamper and scraper.  The stamper measures approximately 4 cm diameter and, in the holder, is approximately 5.7 cm tall.  The holder is frosted but the back end of it is open so you can see your stamping perfectly.  The second photo below is looking down through the holder.  There isn't a ridge to keep the stamper head in place - the tapered design does that all on it's own.  I didn't think it would be able to keep it from slipping but I've been using this stamper every day for the past week and it has worked perfectly every time.  I love it.  Unfortunately, I don't love the scraper.  The scraper is a thicker, frosted plastic and I've yet to find one of these that I like.  As is common with all scrapers similar to this, I found it leaves streaks of polish on the plate that do get picked up by the stamper.  So my personal preference leans towards thinner plastic but that's not to say that your technique won't work with this scraper.  And, let's be honest, we're usually there to buy the stamper, not the scraper.  

The stamping plates measure 8 x 7 cm.  There's quite a variety of sizes and styles here.  The styles range from smaller individual images up to multi-nail designs.  The full nail images measure 16 x 18 mm while the smallest of them all measures approximately 7 x 9 mm.  And the etching of all of them is great.  I had no problems with any of the images I've tried to far.  I'll include a scan of each plate and a mani that I've done using it.  If you'd like to find the individual plates, not the set, the title of the plate will link you to Winstonia's listing.  

To try out Holly Jolly Christmas, I stamped with Mundo de Unas Gold over Zoya Holly/Delush Polish Fleece Navidad (previously reviewed here).  I didn't know if the stamping would be visible enough but it was and I loved wearing this one.  

The North Pole plate is the cutest of the three.  To try out these adorable images, I did advanced stamping on the stamper using a bunch of Mundo colors (Black, White, Pastel Blue, Red, Green, Chocolate, Taupe and Gold) and applied them over KBShimmer Eyes White Open or Chilly Pepper.  

To use Winter Wonderland, my favourite of the three plates, I was inspired by my friend Canadian Nail Fanatic's Digit-al Dozen design from last week.  Hers was so gorgeous that I immediately wanted to try it myself.  I did a quick water marble with OPI's Color Paints in Indigo Motif, Purple Perspective, and Turquoise Aesthetic over Silver Canvas and then just stamped the long horizontal image with Mundo de Unas White.  This plate, in particular, will be perfect to use all winter.  There isn't any Christmas-specific imagery on the plate so it'll be easy to use for months.  

Winstonia has a lot of great other products available on their website.  They were kind enough to provide my readers with a 10% off coupon code for any regular priced item.  So, if you're shopping, include the code CLAWS to save yourself a bit of money.  

$4.95/plate or $13.95/set
Available at Winstonia

'Til next time...

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