Saturday, 17 December 2016

Mrs. P's Potions Vixen Selection ONEders and Glitterati Collection

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Hey there!  Today's post is all about a couple of upcoming collections from Mrs. P's Potions - the latest ONEders and the Glitterati collection.  Both of these collections will be released this Sunday, December 18th at 12 pm MST.  The ONEders are formulated to be one-coaters which can double as stamping polishes.  The Glitterati's are aptly named - they are chock full of glitter.  Some have a clear base, some have coloured bases but they are all sparkly beauty.  Keep reading to hear all my thoughts.

ONEders Vixen Selection

As I mentioned, the ONEders are Mrs. P's Potion's highly pigmented line that should work for most people in one coat.  I usually do pretty thin coats but I applied these a tiny bit more generously and easily had one coat coverage.  Her first ONEders were all cremes (previously reviewed here) but these new ones have a more shimmery finish to them.  I also tested their stamping ability.  All of them vibrantly stamp over white but they don't really show up over black.  I didn't have any staining with these but be sure to wear base coat just in case.  These are so pigmented that they could possibly stain.  All of these swatches are one coat with HK Girl top coat.  


blackened purple base with red shimmer 
1 coat

Stamping with BM-S119


bright teal base with strong green shimmer
1 coat

stamping with BM-S114


brown leaning red with pink shimmer
1 coat

stamping with BM-S115
Lastly, I had tested out these ONEders to see how they'd stamp over black and while they don't really pop over black, I thought some of you might be interested in the more subtle look.  Unsurprisingly, Empress doesn't really show up but you can see Siren and Temptress are visible.  The stamping plate I used for this was Bundle Monster BM-S116.

Glitterati Collection

The Glitterati Collection is composed of 5 microglitter polishes.  They are definitely packed with glitter so they dry down a bit gritty.  I used two coats of top coat to smooth them right out.  

Gold Never Bothered Me Anyway

cool-toned gold microglitter in a clear base
high density glitter
2 coats


royal blue microglitter in a blue jelly base
less densely packed than the gold 
2 coats

Light Up The Night

black holographic microglitter in black jelly base
2 coats

Matcha Do About Nothing

bright green glitter in a green jelly base
3 coats

Put A Bling On It

silver and multicolour microglitter in a clear base
high density glitter (similar to Gold Never Bothered Me Anyway)
2 coats

My recommendations definitely depend on what you're looking for.  For the ONEders, I'm in love with Siren.  The shimmer is so strong!  Of the glitters, I think I'd have to pick Matcha Do About Nothing which is a surprise pick for me.  Usually I don't love greens but this full coverage green is stunning!  These will be available this Sunday, December 18th at 12 pm MST.  

$12/ONDers ($33/Vixen Selection collection)
$10/Glitterati polish ($45/full collection)
Available at Mrs. P's Potions

'Til next time...

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