Thursday, 22 December 2016

Simple Snowflake Stamping

Hey there!  My work week is definitely winding down but I still have a couple more blog posts to do before Christmas, since after Christmas, they'll be completely non-seasonal.  Today's is a quick and easy one that I wore a couple weeks ago.  I've been super busy lately (like pretty much everybody) so I haven't had much time for anything complicated.  Luckily I'm a-okay with a simple one-color with single color stamping.

For my base color here I used Kokie Cosmetics Heartbreaker (previously reviewed here).  I used 2 coats but this polish is really opaque so one coat probably would've been fine.  

For the stamping I used a plate labeled QA86.  I bought it from Born Pretty Years ago.  In fact I just went and looked at the item listing and there's a photo of mine of a very similar mani that I did last year that it appears they've taken, cropped and added the plate image to.  I love the prices and variety on Born Pretty but practices like that turn me off a little.  I linked to their site anyway because I do want you guys to be able to find this plate.  I use these snowflakes at least once a year since they stamp fine and you can get a nice varied mani easily.  But they still should've asked me for my photo, in my opinion.  

The stamping was done with Mundo de Unas White and topped with HK Girl.  This was so fast and really looked like some sort of water decals.  I ended up wearing this for days and days!  

I think I'll have time to do my nails tonight and then that'll be the last time before Christmas.  Any suggestions for something that would make a nice Christmas mani that wouldn't take too long??

'Til next time...

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