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Clear Jelly Stamper Big Bling Boxed Kit and Stamping Polish Review

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Hey there!  Today I have a few products from Clear Jelly Stamper to share with you guys.  CJS is the original inventor of the clear stamper so most of us probably feel some gratitude towards her.  I had emailed her asking if there were any reviews of her stamping polish out there on the internet after a reader had asked me.  She offered to send me a few to try out and, as someone who is always on the lookout for great new stamping polishes, I couldn't refuse.  She was also kind enough to send me a beautiful box that would be a great gift idea for the stamper in your life - The Big Bling Boxed Kit, as well as her cuticle protector.  Follow the jump to hear all my thoughts.  

I want to start with the Big Bling Box Kit because I think this kit is a fabulous idea.  It includes a Big Bling stamper (my honest-to-goodness favourite clear stamper) with a replacement head (shipped in the stamper for safe keeping but it can be stored in the slot in the box afterwards), a limited edition Swirl plate, a black (More Like 1 AM) and white (Jenny's Gonna Love It!) stamping polish and a scraper.  All of this is contained in one beautiful mint blue box with a magnetic lid.  How much I love this box is a bit over the top.  

Clear Jelly Stamper's swirl-style plates are always pretty.  On this plate, CJS LE (only available in this kit) the swirly pattern on the right layers with the flowers and leaves on the left perfectly.  I used these images with Jenny's Gonna Love This and More Like 1 am over Girly Bits Ho-Ho-Hope.  My whole mani, start to finish, took less than an hour.

PROtect is Clear Jelly Stamper's barrier that allows us stampers to play with less clean up.  It goes on light pink and dries almost clear within 2 minutes.  But don't let your fingers can see where mine did and it will pull (as expected).  I noted that this did seem to have the nicest consistency of any barrier I've tried.  It's thin enough to be easy to control but isn't runny.  Also it has almost no scent which is a positive.  For those of you with latex allergies, avoid this one.  It does contain latex.

To test out all the stamping polish, including the two included in the Big Bling Box Kit, I used the brand new CJS-28, the Geo-Licious plate.  This is Clear Jelly Stamper's first large stamping plate, measuring 9.5 x 14.5 cm.  It has white plastic backing bearing the CJS logo.  The images average 16 x 24 mm.  Most images are included as a positive and negative version plus there's quite a few smaller ones that can be used for layering with the full nail images.  

These stamping polishes are 5-free which can be a concern for some folks.  The bottles are 5 mL so they are pretty small but the brush is a regular size which is nice.  Sometimes mini brushes can be a pain.  I used a couple of the Geo-Licious full nail images unlayered to test the polishes over a black or white base.  There's two styles of polish - creme or shimmer.  The cremes work equally well over black or white but the shimmer's really pop over black.  If I had any specific notes about the polish used, I'll write them after the name though most worked exactly as expected.  

white creme stamping polish

black creme stamping polish
Seems to dry quicker than the others.  
Had to cover most of the image before scraping and still had some gaps.  

periwinkle creme stamping polish

gold shimmer stamping polish

pink shimmer stamping polish

fern green shimmer stamping polish
similar look to All That Glitters

silver-y purple shimmer stamping polish
thicker formula than others
most metallic looking and best coverage of the polishes tested

For some layering over black I did some gradient stamping with the quatrefoil design.  I used Chloe and All The Glitters together and then layered with Perry Wink-le.

And lastly, over white, I stamped with Paula's Pixie Purple first then layered the center piece with Perry Wink-le and lastly covered the white parts with More Like 1 AM.  I mentioned that the black seemed to dry faster (it was the only problematic polish of the bunch I tried) so I ended up stamping my index finger twice and messing it all up.  I'd say ignore that finger but it's probably all you can see now!  

Overall, I think this Big Bling Boxed Kit is a fabulous idea, either as a gift or for yourself.  For those of us in North America, orders placed before December 10th should be received in time for the holidays.  International customer can order until December 16 and get your order on time with the premium shipping option.

$25/Big Bling Boxed Kit
$5/PROtect (or 2 for $9)
Available at Clear Jelly Stamper

'Til next time...

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