Wednesday, December 21, 2016

UberChic Beauty Collection 13 and Holographic Plate Storage Folder

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Hey there!  Anybody need a little break from Christmas nails?  If you do, this is the post for you!  Today I wanted to share a couple of the newest products from UberChic Beauty - Collection 13 and the most beautiful plate holder you will ever see!  To test out the collection, I've done 2 designs with each plate.  This collection includes quite a few layering images so I was sure to try out one of those.  I know Brittany works really hard on the layering images since she wants each images to also be able to be used on its own so it takes extra creativity!  Keep reading to see more about my manis and to check out the holographic plate holder.

I'm sure most of you have already seen photos of this folder on social media but seriously, isn't it gorgeous?  Obviously my photos were taken in direct light to make the rainbows fly.  When not in direct light, the folder is a really pretty silver....still with a hint of rainbow.  The folder will keep your plates scratch free and, since it's solidly constructed, it will also save them from any accidental bending.  It can hold 14 plates.  The windows allow you to see most of the plate and still let you see the holo since the edges are made of the same holographic faux-leather as the cover.  Overall the folder is 13 x 16.5 cm and 3.75 cm thick.

Collection 13, like all UberChic's collections, have such a wide variety of images.  UberChic Beauty really came onto the map with her florals and this collection shows those off with quite a few flower images.  If you're not into florals, there's plenty of other design on these plates including some muffins, diamonds and some really cool geometrics.  Each plate measures 9.5 x 14.5 cm.  The full nail images are 17 x 21 mm but there's also smaller individual images and some double and quadruple sized designs on these as well.  Below, I'll show you a scan of the plates I received and the details on the two manis I did with each plate.


The first mani I did was meant to be full of holo and rainbows to coordinate with the folder.  What do you think?  I used the mini Uber Mat to make decals with Mundo de Unas Black and Color Club's Halo Hues in Harp On It, Miss Bliss, Cosmic Fate, Eternal Beauty, Over The Moon, Kismet and Beyond.  I just wish my camera was better at showing off holographics.  

My second 13-01 design was done with one of KBshimmer's Winter 2016 polishes, Whiskey Business.  I stamped the paisley pattern from the upper left corner of 13-01 with Mundo de Unas Violet and topped with HK Girl.  I also tried it matte but I like the shiny version better.  


Here's a mani I did like better matte.  I started with Femme Fatale La Sirene and stamped with Mundo de Unas Bronze and topped with Essie Matte About You.  Easy and pretty!  

Here's a mani I made sure to wear on a day when I had spinnning (indoor cycling) class since I always sweat my butt off during those classes.  Since the image says "I Don't Sweat I Sparkle" I had to make it as sparkly as possible by using FUN Lacquer 24 Karat Diamond over ILNP Mega (X).  I thought all that sparkle would pair nicely with the negative space diamonds.  


For my first 13-03 design I used on of the layering designs.  There's 3 images on the right hand columns that go together to make this design.  I used Rica Blackout as a base and stamped with Hit The Bottle Blue-tiful, The Green Fairy and To Have and To Gold.  If you don't want to layer, there's also a completed version of this image included on the plate.  

Lastly I did a gradient with a couple of Orly polishes (Pink Chocolate and Plum Sugar) that my colleague had given me for my birthday.  Then I double stamped with flowers with Mundo de Unas White and Black and finished with HK Girl.  

I'm a big UberChic fangirl but, even if I wasn't, I'd have no qualms about recommending the brand to anyone.  The quality of her plates consistently impresses me so, if these images are to your liking, purchase away!  And obviously, if you need a way to store your new plates, that folder is a stunner.  You deserve to buy a holiday gift for yourself, right?  

$24.99/Collection 13
$15.99/Plate Folder
Available at UberChic Beauty

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