Thursday, 1 December 2016

MILV Water Decal Review

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Hey there!  Tonight I'm having a throwback to something I used to use a lot but haven't had time to use lately - water decals.  Honestly, I love water decals.  You can get pretty nail art looks that I personally would never be able to achieve with either stamping or freehand.  But I've been doing a fair number of stamping reviews or Facebook group nail art lately which hasn't allowed me to use water decals.  However when I was approached by MILV to do a review of their products and I checked out their website, I couldn't refuse.  There's some super pretty (and really unique) decals on there!  They even have metallic foil decals.  So I picked a few (including two of the aforementioned foil decals) and had a lot of fun with them.  Some require a white base and others can use any base so keep reading to see how I used them.

The MILV decals are exactly the style I like: easy to remove from the back in the water and flexible without being too flimsy while still easily dissolving with acetone.  That's a really important attribute for me when it comes to clean up since I never cut my water decals to my nail shape beforehand.  Each pack has a different It seems like each pack of decals is $2.99 USD which is pretty affordable for a nice mani.  Just don't forget to top coat them so your design can last longer.  Different packages have different sizes/number of decals so be sure to browse to find the ones that will definitely fit your nails.  I'll mention the sizes of the four that I tried to give you a sense of size.

10 decals (2 - 19 x 28 mm, 6 - 15 x 24 mm, 2 - 13 x 23 mm)

Must be applied over a white base

Paired with a gradient of pipe dream polish Celebration, Harlequin, Take It Easy and Keep Calm.
Finished with HK Girl top coat.  

10 decals (2 - 12 x 23 mm, 6 - 15 x 24 mm, 2 - 18 x 28 mm)

White base not required

Applied over Bow Polish Smile In Your Sleep magnetic polish.  
Finished with HK Girl top coat.
Note: there is clear foil in the negative spaces so these are easier to use than they look.

F 46 (gold)

1 large square of 64 x 58 mm

White base not required

Applied over 2 coats ILNP Sitting Fireside.
 Finished with HK Girl top coat.  

18 decals (2 - 9 x 16 mm, 14 - 12 x 16 mm, 2 - 19 x 18 mm)

Must be applied over a white base

Applied over KBShimmer Eyes White Open
Finished with HK Girl top coat.  
Note: full nail decals are the toughest to work with since they can fold/pucker a little.  I ended up over cleaning so ended up with white around the edges that I tried to fix with black or navy blue polish.  

In conclusion, if water decals are your jam, I honestly can't recommend these enough.  They're gorgeous, apply easily and achieve looks that would be very difficult by any other means.  Actually I'm sure there's some nail artists out there who could do this but I'm certainly not one of them.  If you do place an order, be sure to add one of the foil ones to your cart...they're the coolest!  Unfortunately I can't find the F 46 style anymore but there's plenty more to pick from.  Maybe they'll come back into stock but I can't say for sure.   

$2.99 each
Available at MILV Art

'Til next time...

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