Thursday, 20 October 2016

Powder Perfect Third Anniversary Duo - Elysium and Utopia

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Hey there!  Today I'm sharing two limited edition shades from the Australian 5-free indie, Powder Perfect.  These polishes were created to celebrate the brand's third anniversary.  That's a big accomplishment for a business so it definitely deserves recognition.  Elysium and Utopia, currently available from Color4Nails, are a great duo to celebrate with.  They have a rare combination of holo and tiny ultrachrome flakies so they're definitely worth a look.  After swatching them, I liked them so much that I combined them in an easy tape mani.


"A tribute to past anniversary colours; Storm Rainbow and Unobtainium, Elysium is a silver holographic medley of sparkling microglitters, with fuschia to green shifting ultra chrome flakies! Elysium is a limited edition shade."

This polish is so unique!  It's a silver holo in a clear base with ultra flakies and, wow, are these ever ultrachrome!  I don't know if it's because the base is light coloured so not but you can see so many colours in these flakies.  And the formula was great.  I used three coats plus top coat.  

"Utopia is a vibrant hot pink holographic polish with sparkling holo glitters and ultra chameleon chrome flakies. Utopia is a limited edition shade."

Utopia is bright magenta with holo and microflakies.  I think the flakies are a bit smaller than in Elysium since I originally thought there was also microglitter in there.  The flakies appear darker and less multichrome than in Elysium, likely due to the coloured base.  It looks like a speckled bright pink with a side of rainbow.  I used two coats plus top coat.  

I wanted to combine the two into a bit of easy nail art so after Elysium was dry, I broke out the striping tape and added Utopia.  Since Utopia is so pigment, this was really easy.  I added some Swarovski crystals and had a pretty design.  

Both of these polishes are limited edition but still currently available on so get them while you can.  

Available at Color4Nails

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