Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Mrs. P's Potions Turning Tundra

Hey there!  So here's something I don't do often anymore - a single swatch post.  But the lovely Bree from Mrs. P's Potions asked if I could do one for a fan favourite, Turning Tundra, since it got featured in Nail It!.  This three-color thermal polish was so popular that she is going to re-release it this upcoming weekend...exciting!  I purchased this last year and wore it but never posted it to the blog so Bree's request was a good excuse to do it now.  It's

Turning Tundra has a slightly jelly-like formula so it can be a tiny bit sheer at the tips but, other than that, the formula is great.  I used 2-3 coats for opacity (mostly two but went over a nail or two with a third coat).  

Even after a year, the thermal quality is still spot on.  I could easily see all three of the colors.  The lightest is a grey or taupe (I think depending on the temperature, it can look either grey or more beige).  The middle color is a dusty rose and the cool color is a darker purple-y grey.  I tried getting a hot and cold photo separately but the thermal effect is too fast and it would quickly go back to this.  

Since this color just screams autumn, I paired it with some stamping from UberChic Beauty Lovely Leaves.  I stamped with Mrs. P's Potions Obsidian quickly and finished with HK Girl top coat.  It didn't end up looking so much like a leaf but I still like the result.  

As I mentioned, Turning Tundra will be available this weekend, mostly likely Friday October 28 7 pm MDT.  You will be able to find it here but I was also just informed that it, like all her polishes, can be bought in a "Triple Play Combo" which is one bottle of polish, one tube of It's Da Balm cuticle balm and an Effervescence packet.  That's a great deal.  Honestly, I've purchased quite a few tubes of It's Da Balm.  I keep one in my car all winter when it's too old for oil.  I've been waiting for the Pumpkin Chai scent to come back since last fall so Bree is currently making me a 4 oz. jar of the stuff and a couple more tubes.  I can't wait to be stocked up!

$15/Triple Play
Available at Mrs. P's Potions

'Til next time...

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