Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Digit-al Dozen does Vampy: Red Glittery Stripes

Hey there!  I've been a bit obsessed with glitter lately.  I like to think that most girls have a love of sparkly things, glitter included, which might explain why I spent a small fortune (shipping to Canada is way too expensive) on one of the new Pat McGrath Lust 004 lip kits and I don't even wear makeup.    But twice this weekend, I went out wearing glitter on my lips.  I'm trying to talk myself out of buying one of the red ones (the one I originally bought was the Flesh color) and instead I've been playing around with putting regular red glitter over red lipstick.  I haven't gotten brave enough to wear red glitter lips out yet but, since I had the glitter out anyway, I decided to also try it out on my nails.  It's not a secret that I love red glitter nails so I definitely had no complaints about these.

To start, I used KBShimmer Such A Vlad-Ass (even the name sounds Vampy).  I then applied some stripes of clear polish to have something for my glitter to stick to and patted on some red glitter (Born Pretty 224).  

I used Nail Vinyls straight vinyls in a variety of widths and painted stripes in L'Oreal Greycian Goddess, Sally Hansen Black To Black and Such A Vlad-Ass.

These took a bit of time since I wanted to leave enough time between layers so the vinyls wouldn't mess up my polish but they were worth it.  Plus it gave me an excuse to lay on the couch on Monday watching bad movies.  Gotta love long weekends :-)

Thanks for swinging by today.  Let me know what you think...should I brave wearing red glitter on my lips (or red lipstick at all) or just stick with it on my nails only?  

'Til next time...

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