Tuesday, 19 July 2016

UberChic Beauty Collection 10 Review

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Hey there!  Second vacation post in a row, woohoo!  I guess after I get a few hours of pure Alberta sun, I'm worn out and need some inside time.  At least this time I've been keeping up with my sunblock so I'm not a toasted tomato!  Now that I'm chilling indoors, it's time to post this review of UberChic Beauty's Collection 10.  As usual UberChic Beauty has brought us a fun collection with all sorts of images.  Her collections never stick with a certain theme which is exactly why I like them.  I never know exactly what I want to put on my nails so, when starting a new mani, I do gravitate towards flipping through UberChic's collections for inspiration.

For those of who you are unfamiliar, UberChic Beauty has amongst the largest full nail images on the market.  A single image measures 17 x 21 mm on a 9.5 x 14.5 cm plate.  Some of the more zoomed-in images can be tough to use for smaller nails but, in general, the images are designed to use on all sizes of nails.  I've never had issue with any of UberChic's products in terms of quality and this collection has the same etching quality as her other plates.  I've done two manis with each plate that I'm sharing tonight, starting with a scan of the plate I received.  


For my first mani, I did another drip marble as explained by My Simple Little Pleasures.  This was actually my first attempt at this technique but I had to post the swirl dress first.  For these I used Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Mojito and Calypso Blue, Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue and Color Club French Tip and applied the "decals" over French Tip.  The stamping was done with Mundo de Unas Black and topped with HK Girl top coat.  

The second 10-01 mani was started with Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking that was then double stamped with Mundo de Unas Blue and White.  On my right hand I tried this with yellow and blue but the white looked better.  I just happened to look a tad indecisive for a day.  


This 10-02 mani was started with Cirque Love Stone.  I then stamped the zoomed in flower with Mundo de Unas Gold (centered nicely thanks to UberChic's XL Clear Stamper).  I then stamped the hummingbird with white and then, slightly offset, with M Polish Get Lost.

This image reminded me of a stained glass window so I wanted to use similar colors.  I did a dry brush A England Holy Grail, Perceval and Queen of Scots over black (Camelot).  I then stamped it with Mundo de Unas Silver (again, centered with the XL Clear Stamper...this would have been impossible for me before).  


I can never resist UC's negative space images here so I used both the positive and negative images with Hit The Bottle To Have and To Gold over Pretty Serious Into Dreams, Fairy Guts and Nfu Oh 51.  All that was matted with KBShimmer Oh Matte! but I think I liked this one better before I used the matte top coat.  

And lastly I used some abalone foils over Colors by Llarowe Alternate Universe stamped with Mundo de Unas Black.  This foils aren't shiny like most foils I've used but the pattern is pretty darn cool!  

I think I'm always going to favour UberChic Beauty's collections.  It's how she started releasing plates so they're my first true UC love.  If you're interested in this collection, I'll post all the UberChic Beauty links below.  

Available at UberChic Beauty

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