Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen does Fashion - Floral Dress

Hey there!  Today's Digit-al Dozen fashion post was inspired by one of the dresses I saw on Pinterest when just searching for "dresses" or "fashion" since I'm fashion-illiterate.  There is absolutely zero percent chance that I could ever wear a dress like this (it would be a shirt on me) but I loved the flowers on it and tried to emulate them on my nails with some Sharpie nail art.  I wasn't really in love with these when I did them but looking at the photos now, I actually quite like them!

I started with a white base for these (Island Girl Pineapple Plantation) and then got to work with the Sharpies and rubbing alcohol.  I think I used quite a few pinks and purples and blues (my favourite half of the color spectrum) and just kept adding to it until I thought I had something that resembled flowers.  

For the centres, yellow sharpie wasn't colorful enough so I used a bit of alcohol ink there.  And then used black sharpie to add the dots in the middle.  

While my Sharpie flowers didn't turn out exactly like the inspiration photo, I hope they're close enough to pass.  I'm pretty sure the inspiration dress is one of those crazy cheap dresses from overseas that, if you ordered it, you may or may not receive and it may or may not be anything like the photo but it did make good nail art, haha!     

'Til next time...

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