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Bow Polish Magnetic Swatches

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Hey there!  When Color4Nails announced that they were going to be the exclusive North American distributor for Bow Polish's new magnetic line of polishes I just knew there were going to be some that I was going to jump on as soon as possible which is exactly what I did.  I purchased half the collection but when I received my order I was pleasantly shocked to see the entire collection included so I'm posting the whole thing here.  The Bow Polish magnetics are really cool because there's two different finishes in this collection, the first being a straight up metallic finish (as all the magnetics I've tried before are) and the second being more of a shimmer-y, flakey finish.  I'll go into more of the difference between them below.

I noticed that the two different finishes in this collection behave a bit differently.  The metallic ones have a more dramatic effect with the magnet but the effect is slightly more transient.  Whatever particles it is that the magnet attracts, they don't seem to stay put as time goes on.  What I mean is that when I first "apply" the magnet, I get a distinct straight line of the lighter color but that line ends up diffusing.  The shimmer-y polishes don't have as dramatic an effect but the line stays better.

Note: I'm pasting in Color4Nails descriptions of the polishes below the names and they use the word "shimmer" to describe the secondary color whereas I use the word shimmer to describe the finish.  So for the ones I would describe as shimmers I'll state it in parentheses after the name.

To apply all of these I followed the instructions that came with the first magnetic polishes I ever used (the Sally Hansen ones a few years ago) and applied one coat, allowed it to dry, applied a second coat and immediately hovered the magnet over it to get the magnetic effect.  The magnet I used is the Dance Legend magnet that I also purchased from Color4Nails but I know there are alternative rare earth magnets available AliExpress.  The formula on all of these was easy so I won't discuss application below.  Each were swatched without top coat (though I did wear Sirens twice with top coat and it doesn't affect the finish).

Bad News (Shimmer)

"Bad News is a bronze/brown magnetic polish with golden shimmer."

Closure (Shimmer)

"Closure is a green/brown magnetic polish with golden shimmer."

Divide and Conquer (Metallic)

"Divide And Conquer is a deep blood-red magnetic polish with a raspberry-pink shimmer."

Get Up (Shimmer)

"Get Up is a golden-bronze magnetic polish with crimson shimmer."

Motivation (Metallic)

"Motivation is a blackened dark purple magnetic polish with vibrant purple shimmer.

Paranoia (Shimmer)

"Paranoia is an emerald green magnetic polish with a golden-blue shimmer.

Reboot (Metallic)

"Reboot is a vibrant berry magnetic polish with a vibrant pink shimmer."

Revel (Shimmer)

"Revel is a wine-red magnetic polish with holographic sparks and a pink-bronze shimmer."

Ritual (Metallic)

"Ritual is a teal green magnetic polish with bright emerald shimmer."

Sirens (Metallic)

"Sirens is a deep blue magnetic polish with turquoise shimmer."

Smile In Your Sleep (Metallic)

"Smile In Your Sleep is a deep ocean blue magnetic polish with sky blue shimmer."

Surrender (Metallic)

"Surrender is a gun-metal gray magnetic polish with graphite-gray shimmer."

Your Idol (Metallic)

"Your Idol is a golden magnetic polish with copper-soft gold shimmer."

Sirens is definitely my favourite since it's a lovely turquoise and looks like some kind of pretty gemstone but the entire collection is beautiful.  I personally prefer the metallic finish but, of the shimmer-y ones, I like Revel the best.  The color difference with the magnet is so dramatic.  The only criticism I would have is that I don't think there needs to be 4 polishes in the brown family but they are all different from each other so who am I to judge?  You can find the individual polishes linked with their names or through Color4Nails website with the info down below.

Available at Color4Nails

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