Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Digit-al Dozen does Fashion - Tribal Leggings

Hey there!  I've been saying all week that my last couple Digit-al Dozen Fashion week posts weren't my favourite ever and we've hit that point.  If I remember correctly, both me and my sister thought these tights would make for some good nail art so I did some stamping loosely based on it.  I know there's some ladies out there who would rock this pattern freehand but I am so not that girl!  The biggest issue is that I obviously thought the tights were more neon than they were so my colors don't match at all.  Oh well, that why we call these things "inspired by" instead of "perfect recreations" right?

Of course the (sadly) discontinued pipe dream polish ANIVC polishes are awesome neons so that's what I used for my stamping.  But before that I started with a white base of pipe dream polish Whitewater.

For the stamping I used Bundle Monster BM-S112 from the Paisley Flow collection (previously reviewed here) scraped in random directions with the ANIVC colors.  I finished with a matte top coat (which I didn't write down but I've been using KBShimmer Oh Matte! lately so it was probably that one).  

While I'm not really happy with these, I was happy to see how well the ANIVC colors stamp.  Of course I worship these so much that I probably won't stamp with them often but at least now I know they do.  Since the rest of the girls are doing some awesome Fashion nails this week you should go check them out below.

'Til next time...