Friday, 29 July 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Festivals

Hey there!  It's time for another 40 Great Nail Art Ideas post.  This week we're doing Festivals/Hippies/Travel, a bit of a mishmash theme.  I decided to do a nail look that might be cool at a music festival.  It's been many years since I went to a festival.  I used to go to a lot of local music events but that was before Coachella and the like became so popular.  Since I'm so out of the loop on what would be cool, I decided to use Bundle Monster's Festival stamping collection (previously reviewed here).  Since this collection is all about festivals it must fit our theme this week, right?

To do this I used Born Pretty Store's silver Mirror Nail Polish as my base color.  Coincidentally I'm wearing this again today.  This was a good purchase.  I've worn it so much!

Then I did my quadruple stamping...yup, 4 layers of stamping.  First I stamped the pattern from BM-S304 with Mundo de Unas Orchid, Aqua and Tutti.  Then the eyeball thingy (that's the technical word I came up for whatever that thing is) and the "Just Be Free" with Mundo de Unas Black.  I skipped the top coat to keep this one chrome-like.  

I felt so phoney trying to do some "hip" nails but I loved how these turned out.  Hooray for themed stamping collections!

Though there's not actually 40 ladies participating anymore, there are still a lot of great nail art coming from these themes.  Hopefully you can check them out below.

'Til next time...

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