Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sunday Stamping - Using Plate Number 43

Hey there!  Wow, I managed to get enough internet service to write a post from my little vacation at the cabin.  I've been struggling to get online all week but I did get online enough to see that this week's Sunday stamping challenge theme was to use a plate numbered 43.  Well, that made my choice easy since I only brought one set of plate up with me.  So I used Born Pretty Store's BP-43 and one of my newest ILNP polishes and did a bit of easy double stamping.  Please excuse my lighting quality...I'm not hardcore enough to bring my light box up with me :-P

The polish I used as a base was ILNP Shoreline, a blue-toned silver holo flakie.  Holy this polish is SHINY!  

For the stamping, as I mentioned I used Born Pretty BP-43 and stamped first with Mundo de Unas Neon Blue (though it doesn't look very bright in my photos) and then Mundo de Unas White.  And finished everything with HK Girl since it has to last me at least a couple days.  

I have to say I was pretty happy to be able to participate in the challenge despite being out of town.  I don't always bring polish/plates with me to the cabin but I knew I wasn't going to be able to last a week without playing with my nail polish at least a tiny bit...thank goodness this week's challenge was a simple one!

'Til next time....

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