Monday, 6 July 2015

Aqua Splatter Nails

Hey there!  Today I have this week's edition of the 52 Week Pick 'n Mix Challenge.  This week's themes were Aqua and Splatter, so that's what I did.  I've mentioned before that I do these way before the theme's week (currently I'm up to mid-August) and these ones I did back in May, clearly after the beginning of ultimate started.  Frisbees are still wreaking havoc on my middle nails, but not as bad as it did here.  Despite the broken middle nail, I still liked how these turned out.  When I had them on one my male teammates even said "cool nails"...that's the true test for if something is good or not, right?

I'm sure most people know how splatter is done but I'll explain anyways.  To start I used KBShimmer Eyes White Open and then used a straw (cut in about half) dipped in polish to blow the polish onto my nails.  For the splattering I used Sally Hansen Back to Black and Picture Polish Chillax which is maybe a bit more green than aqua but close enough for me!  To mattify it, I finished with OPI matte top coat.

Needless to say this is always messy so using a liquid latex-type product to clean up helps TONS!  Just make sure you don't blame your hand in a pile of polish, like I tend to do.  

'Til next time...

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