Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer Nail Art Twinsies with Lady Maid Nails

Hey there!  A few weeks ago one of my fellow Digit-al Dozen-ers, Mandy from Lady Maid Nails, asked if any of us wanted to do some twinsie nails with her.  I adore her nail art so much that I jumped at the chance to do something with her, even though my freehand skills are nowhere close to as good as hers.  She's amazing!  But we picked the image you'll see below and I went to work on trying to get a fun summer beach scene onto my nails.  With any luck, this is what my life will look like when this gets posted as I spend a week at the lake.

Here's the photo that we picked to challenge ourselves for some pretty busy nail art.  I figured I could manage a cartoon picture such as this there's some obvious differences between the picture and my nail art.  It turns out my nails aren't big enough to fit everything on them...grrrrr!  

I happened to already be wearing Zoya Blu so I kept it on as the base for this mani and then just sponged a bit of white at the edges though that's blown out in my photos so you can't see it.  Trust me, it's there!  Then I went to town on my Sunday afternoon with a mix of mostly polishes and a few acrylic paints (the black, brown, white and grey).  My favourite part is that I used Zoya Godiva for the sand.  It's a textured polish but I topcoated these with HK Girl so it just looks sparkly.  That's when I realized my bottle of Godiva is more than half empty and I don't know if I can get another.  Oh no!!  

I did happen to write down all the polishes I used here, so if you're curious they are:  

Zoya Blu, Zoya Godiva, Essie Sand Tropez, KBShimmer Sky Jinks, KBShimmer Beach Please, China Glaze With Love, China Glaze Happy Go Lucky,  China Glaze Metro Pollen-tin, China Glaze Heart of the Matter, Dance Legend 389, OPI You’re So Outta Lime, Lime Crime Lavendairy, Essie No Place Like Chrome and Revlon Dominate.  There was a lot.  

I also mattified them to see how it would look.  I still haven't decided if I like Godiva's sparkles more shiny or matte.  Decisions, decision....

Check out Amanda's version of this nail art here!  Her freehand skills are to die for!

'Til next time...

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