Friday, 10 July 2015

Orly On The Edge with Gold Stamping

Hey there!  Happy Friday friends!  I tend to get so caught up doing challenge-related nails that sometimes I forget that it's fun to just do something without a set theme.  I love doing things like the 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge and the Sunday Stamping themes, not to mention the fun Digit-al Dozen themes but it's great to do things just for me too.  That what these are...just something I wore a couple weeks ago to the lake.

These were obviously very simple.  I had just bought a pack of mini's from the Orly Adrenaline Rush collection and wanted to use them right away.  For these I used 2 coats of the purple, On The Edge, an awesome vibrant purple.

Over On The Edge I stamped with Mundo de Unas Gold and MoYou London Tropical -17.  I bought this plate thinking my sister would use it but I've been loving it.  I've used it a couple times already and had to resist using it more.  My other plates need love too!  

Well that's all for today.  Have a great weekend!  What's your weather weekend looking like?  It's supposed to feel like 36 degrees C here (98 F) so I'm heading to the lake after work to be near a big body of cool water!

'Til next time...

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