Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Shark Week Nail Stamping

Hey there!  It's the Discovery Channel's Shark Week.  Before this year, I'd never paid any attention to shark week because I figured it'd just be a lot of gory violence but my sister likes it so I've watched a few shows this week and turns out it's really quite informative.  So I was inspired to do a Shark Week mani last night which is currently making me laugh/cringe overtime I look at my nails today.

For this I started with a gradient of KBShimmer Eyes White Open, B Squared Lacquer Plur and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (which I thought was fitting with the ocean theme).  Over that I stamped all the nails with the water spotted-type pattern from Bundle Monster BM-509.  On my thumb, pinky and index nails I then stamped a shark images from Bundle Monster BM-503.

Then for the fun part...I made decals of the scary shark image from UberChic Beauty 2-03 and a cute seal image from Dashica Infinity 56.  Poor little seal.  Looks like he's just waving hello to the shark but if Shark Week has taught me anything, it's more likely that he's going to end up lunch.  Poor guy.

I'll leave you with this cartoon that is my sister's favorite thing she's ever found on Pinterest.  

image source

'Til next time...

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